Traveling to India

There are some important things to remember when you travel to India. If you follow my advice you will not get sick and you will be safe.

Traveling to India

Always be sure to bring YOUR OWN bottled water. The water supply there can not be trusted to be germ free and sanitary. You can pack bottled water from home in your checked bag.

Always be sure to bring plenty of canned food. Restaurants do not always have the best sanitary conditions when preparing your food in India.

Be sure not to drink anything with ice for the same reason you bring bottled water (the ice came from their water…).

Be sure not to brush your teeth with the running water in your hotel room. It is best to use the bottled water to rinse your mouth out.

Be sure to always bring a bacteria killing sanitizer such as Purell. Rub it on your hands frequently throughout the day. Another good idea is to rub that sanitizer on the toilet before each use.

Hire a driver to take you to your destination. The taxis with three wheels are not safe so you should try to avoid them if at all possible.

Do not trust bottled water that you may purchase in India. It is not safe and may be no different than drinking their running water.

Do not leave food out in your room as the monkeys will take it away… I know that sounds funny but I’m not kidding.

You will be faced with panhandlers constantly so be prepared.

If you are traveling to Mumbai I suggest you stay at the Grand Hyatt.

On the positive side of traveling to India

The people in India are very well educated.

Most of the people there speak English which makes things much easier in any country.

Most of the people are hard working and want to be successful.

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