Porto City Guide – Information

The Language of Communication

Most of the persons living in Porto city understand English language, except few living in interior places, do not understand English. The population of Porto city has great liking for persons who speak with them in their own Portuguese language, which has lot of similarity with French and Spanish language. The commonly used words are easy to learn in a short period.

Porto City Guide – Information

National Holidays

As in any country there are some specific holidays related to Portugal, which are celebrated here. Following are some of the holidays observed here:

January 1,  New Year’s Day.

February 12,  Shrove Tuesday/Carnaval – Bank holiday.

March 28,  Holy Thursday -Bank holiday.
March 29 , Good Friday.
March 31,  Easter.
April 1,  Easter Monday – not for banks.
April 25,  Liberation Day.
May 1, Labor Day.
May 30, Corpus Christi day.
June 10, National Day/Camoes and Portugal Day.
August 15,  Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
October 5,  Republic Day.
November 1,  All Saints Day.
December 1,  Independence Day, Youth Day.
December 8,  Immaculate Conception.
December 24,  Christmas Eve – banks.
December 25,  Christmas Day

Communication Facilities

Being away from home, there is a craving to communicate with people back home:

Telephone Codes

It is worth making a note that code for Portugal is 351; where as the city code for Libson is 22.

The nationally supported local number in respect of emergencies is 115;  Local information can be accessed by dialing 118; the international information and assistance can be accessed by dialing 098. These numbers should be remembered or note them in your personal diary or save in your mobile directory. There is likely change of the above mentioned numbers and need to be confirmed, when you make a visit to Porto City.

Local Calls

Local calls can be made from a of Phone privately operated café service, where there is metering device which displays value of the call you have made, make the payment of the call made at the counter.

The public Phones are coins operated, which have to be kept in a row. The quantity of coins required fall in the Phone box depending upon duration and distance of the calling station. You can obtain phone debit cards from the Post Office, which are accepted at Creditone and T-Sete booths spread all over the city.

Long Distance

For making long distance calls within Portugal put 0 before the provincial code, to access a phone call. A list of province code numbers is available at all the phone booths for necessary help.

To access a long distance call from a telephone booth can be irritating and in the hotels it is costly. One should go to telephone office and take help in getting the phone connected. As soon as the required telephone gets connected, the call gets transferred to a cubicle, for maintaining its secrecy. The payment of the phone service can be searched.

To make calls to other areas within Portugal, precede the provincial code with 0 (most phone booths have a chart inside listing the various province codes). The 0 is unnecessary when dialing from outside Portugal.

Sending Mail Home

Mail to the home place can be made possible either through a postcard or an envelope by affixing Postage of the right denomination.

Transportation within City

Transportation during peak hours can be a chaos. To be saved of the problem one should use Taxi or Bus service. While traveling during night time, avail the Taxi service or bus. One should know the Bus service timetable so that one reaches bus stand just at time the bus is scheduled to arrive.

The daily pre-paid tickets work out to be more economical and can be purchased by the Bus booth or from post offices and magazine kiosks.

The approximate cost to hire a car service is EUR 100 per day. The  Europcar on rental basis can be accessed from telephone Number. +351-219-40 77 90 or [email protected] Street parking cost about EUR 0.50 is extra per hour of parking in the city jurisdictions.

Phone Taxi: Phone Taxi service for going to the Airport costs EUR 18-20.

Entertainment in Porto

City of Porto offers great entertainment options in the theatres and cinemas following places are of special mention from visitor’s point of view:

Balleteatro, Praca 9 de Abril, 76.

Casa das Artes (Arts House) Rua Ruben A, 210.

Coliseu do Porto (Porto Coliseum) Rua de Passos Manuel, 137.

Pavilhгo Rosa Mota(Rosa Mota Pavillion) Rua de D. Manuel II.

Rivoli – Teatro Municipal (Municipal Theatre) Praca D. Joгo I

Sa da Bandeira/Latino Rua de Sa da Bandeira, 108

Seiva Trupe – Teatro Vivo, C.R.L./Teatro do Campo Alegre Rua das Estrelas.
Teatro de Belomonte (Belomonte Theatre) Rua de Belomonte, 57.

Teatro Campo Alegre (Campo Alegre Theatre) Rua das Estrelas, 57

Teatro Nacional de S. Joгo

S. Joгo National Theatre. Praca da Batalha.
Teatro Helena Sa e Costa(Helena Sa e Costa Theatre) Rua da Alegria, 503

Teatro da Vilarinha (Vilarinha Theatre) Rua da Vilarinha, 1386

Teatro Latino (Latino Theatre) Rua Sa da Bandeira, 108

Casa do Medico (Doctor’s House) Rua Delfim Maia, 405

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