Orcha – Medieval Times

The Medieval Times Recount

Orcha is a city having its origin during the medieval times of 16th Centaury built by Bundela rulers and has many old timed palaces and temples reflecting grand old beauty, which existed in those times. The City was built by a Rajput leader Rudra Pratap Singh. He chose Orcha city as the capital, because it was on the Banks of Betwa river.

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Signs of Friendship with Mughal Rulers

The succeeding Ruler to Rudra Pratap Singh Raja Bir Singh contributed to the splendor of the city by constructing Jehangir Mahal. The palace is constructed in tiers and at the top there are highly graceful umbrella like structures. From the top of this Palace a view of all the temples having long tapering structures and other landmarks of the city.can be viewed with great mind satisfying scene.

Matching with the exterior craftsmanship, the interiors has exhibits of finest paintings of those times. The Laxminarayan Temple has very rich colored paintings on the wall reflecting art depiction of themes based on the religion followed by the local people and other independent thoughts of the medieval times. There are a number of memorial monuments constructed for posterity and tell their own history of their presence and add to the artistic beauty of the city.

The Congregation of Orcha Palaces

There is a Fort Complex, which accommodates three grand palaces very near to each other. One of three palaces is Jehangir Mahal constructed by Raja Bir Singh during the Seventeenth century marking the visit of Emperor Jehangir topped with exquisite Umbrella like structures and is a combination of rich art of the period.

Raj Mahal was constructed by Madhukar Shah, a highly religious personality and was predecessor to Raja Bir Singh Ju Deothe

Paramour Memorial

In those times a poetess and musician, Rai Praveen was extremely beautiful paramour of Raja Indramani  during the period 1672-76. She went to Delhi on the summons of Emperor Akbar, who also deeply impressed by her. She impressed upon Emperor her love for Indramani and the Emperor sent her back to Orcha. The Rai Praveen Mahal palace built as a memorial in her name.

Very majestically landscaped gardens of Anand Mahal has octagonal flower beds and bountiful of water supply system to keep the gardens ever green. There is highly Skill fully made structure allowing natural light into the Mahan having a Central Hall surrounded by small chambers.

Chaturbhuj Temple

It was constructed on a huge stone platform, from where there are very high steps converging into the temple shape. The temple was supposed to have Idol of lord Ram, which was later on left to the wishes of Idol of Ram. The exterior are decorative symbols of lotus and other religious symbols.

Ram Raja Mandir

It is a palace-turned-temple has a very attractive story behind. King Madhukar Shah had brought an idol of Lord Rama from Ayodhya to Orcha being the realization of a dream he had and later on it was installed in Chaturbhuj Temple. On attempting and having failed to move the idol and felt that it is the wish of the deity to remain where it is. Now there are high tapering structures built at the temple site and it is one of the finest temples in India and Ram is worshipped as a king.

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