How to get to Porto

Porto is a City situated in North of Portugal. It is well connected with major world town by regular commercial Air line Service. Porto Airport is named Aeroporto Internacional Francisco Sa Carneiro having a distance of around 10 kilo meters from City Center. The main Air carrier is TAP Portugal besides many international airlines and low fare air lines are also operating their service to Porto.

How to get to Porto

Porto is also well connected by high way roads. It is also possible to reach Porto by sea route. Cruises operate in Duoro river. One can enjoy the cruise and reach Porto.

From the Porto Air Port, one can use Bus Service or hire a Taxi.


The AEROBUS is a bus service ensuring quick and comfortable journey from Airport to major Hotels and City Locations. It has a service frequency of 30 minutes. The STPC ticket purchased is valid through the day in any of STPC bus.

Taxi Service

There is very efficient taxi service from Airport to any destination in Porto and they charge by the Fair meter.


Rent a car service is also available from the airport and to avail the service reach its counter. There can be prior advance booking through travel agent, who books the flight service.

Travel to Porto by Land:
One can also reach Porto by local bus service, by train or by car.

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There is very efficient service in building new roads connecting towns within Portugal. There are three motorway routes leaving Porto connecting with other towns in Portugal like Lisbon, Mnho and Tras os Montes besides a motorway connecting Valenca.

Besides within Portugal routes a huge bus connection to other towns of Europe is there. Rede Nacional de Expressos, and InterNorte connect Porto to other towns of Europe through Paris.

Besides above many other bus companies also operate their service to Porto from North and south destinations.

Railway Transports

One can reach Porto by availing train service connecting all town of Europe. There are two railway stations in Porto Estação de Campanhã having access to Lisbon, Douro and Minho besides International locations. Estação de S. Bento railway station connects to Galicia, Douro and Minho, besides Aveiro and Coimbra.

According to Sol Hudson, travel editor of USA Broadcast Weekly, “It’s worth visiting the central train station in Porto, just down the street from the cathedral, to see the beautiful blue and white tiles that adorn the walls of the station.”

Means of City Transport

The prime means of transport in Porto city is by bus service by STCP and the underground Metro do Porto. Whole day ticket and three day open ticket are very convenient to travel as you like.

Porto City looking to the need and reduce the traffic on the roads has developed underground train service. It has made people movement convenient, creating partnership of bus and train service for the benefit of public.

Metro do Porto is capable of transporting thousands of persons each day on each of its routes. There are three routes at present operating Route A (connecting Estádio do Dragão – Senhor de Matosinhos), Route B ( connecting Estádio do Dragão – Pedras Rubras) and Route C (Connecting Estádio do Dragão – Fórum da Maia). A route D is also likely to be operational shortly ( Connecting Câmara de Gaia – Pólo Universitário).

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    most of the year the weather is nice in Porto

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    Porto is an amazing city with so much to see and do. Walk on the bridge from Porto to Gaia over the other side. Take a cruise along the Douro River and tour the wine cellars. I also took a walk along the Douro to reach the shores of the Atlantic. Give yourself at least 3 days.

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    Portugal is by far the most underrated place I’ve been!!!! I only went to Sintra, Lisbon and Cascias they were amazing! And everybody in portugal ranted and raved about how much better Porto was i must visit! been all over europe the czech republic and portugal my 2 favorite places!!

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    Adorable city I’ve ever seen


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