Copper Canyon Mexico

The Copper Canyon Mexico is located in the north of the country. The Copper Canyon is not a solitary canyon. There are scores of canyons found in the area spread over 20000 square miles area presenting nature’s majestic view and heart enchanting scenes. The canyons are the result of six rivers flowing in the region and have been formed many hundred of years before.

copper canyon mexico

The trip to Copper Canyon package has everything i.e. all meals, having a close look at canyon, hotel staying, like a great holiday program, with free airport transferring, economical train tickets. One enjoys the surface transport facility and excursions. There is provision of flights from most International locations. There is a direct flight present on Guadalajara to Los Mochis route, via AeroMexico with small plane flights. Hotel guests get fresh purified water bottle for the transit and while staying hotels and restaurants.

Copper Canyon Mexico

Incidentally it is much more than Grand Canyon in the United States, which occupies space of around 5000 miles only. The rail road line passes through the mountain region and the passengers get panoramic view of the copper canyons.

These exclusively unique canyons are the abode of nearly 300 varieties of birds. Out of which ten of them are running the risk of extinction. The region is rich in wild life having wide variety of Mexico’s land mammals. 3,500 plant varieties including 400 wild medicinal plants.

The canyon region is inhabited by Tarahumara Indians. Which haven’t mixed up with the local civilization and one can learn the about ancient civilization of Mexico.

How to Reach there?

There is a dirty road passing through mountains, but it is more convenient to reach here by train route one is required to get into the train at Los Mochis at 7.00 A.M. central time. More over one get the opportunity to enjoy the real nature beauty as the train passes from El Fuerte to Creel enjoying everything in the backdrop of daylight.

One can complete the journey through canyons by choosing any of the two train options available Chihuahua-Pacifico and the extremely luxurious South Orient Express. The Chihuahua al Pacifico train operates on the main line and while traveling one can ride cars, which offers comfort being climate controlled. One can go to the dining car for snacks and meals or get from the vendors at stopping stations en-route.

The South Orient Express, is most modern in design and is highly luxurious in it’s internal furnishings and seating. It makes the touring canyons really enjoyable.

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