Where to Park Yourself and Your Luggage

So you have chosen your vacation spot and you have made the great choice of deciding on Malta to spend your vacation.

Where to Park Yourself and Your Luggage

Whether it’s a mere 3-day holiday for people who live near Malta, or an epic vacation for those who live farther away, its always a good idea to pick the right hotels and activities to maximize your time and get the most out of the experience. After all, it is called a vacation for a reason and you need to enjoy before going back to the daily grind.

First thing you need to decide on are accommodations, there are plenty of beautiful hotels that you can stay in at very reasonable prices. In the Maltese capital of Valleta alone, you can find grand hotels with the most beautiful rooms for incredible prices. If you are bent on spending for cushy accommodations, try the Hotel Phoenicia Malta where you can pick rooms with views. Another hotel you might want to check out is Hotel Grand Excelsior; it has the most beautiful swimming pool you can take dips in. These hotels are pricy, but you might get lucky and chance upon a discount rate if you check online.

If you decide not to stay in Valleta, you might also want to consider staying in Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay. This is a beautiful 5-star hotel that has beautiful and spacious rooms at very competitive rates. With the great rooms, you also get great views of the water and a stunning swimming pool to take swims in. Le Meridien St. Julians Hotel is another great option for those who have a bigger budget for accommodations. This hotel is a long time favorite among business and leisure travelers.

For those of you who aren’t picky with accommodations and don’t mind staying in less expensive hotels, then you will definitely enjoy the budget hotels and rooms in Malta. In St. George’s Park in St. Julian’s, you get more than your money is worth. With 25USD, you get a wonderful room, swimming pools and much more, all for 25USD. That is pretty hard to beat. Less expensive hotels are also available in the capital although the prices are higher than in the other areas, for instance you can get a room for 80USD a night in the Osborne Hotel. Somewhat cheaper still is Castille Hotel where rooms can be booked for as low as 60USD. You will be blown away at how pretty these budget hotels are.

Take your time when deciding on where to stay. Utilize the internet and read reviews. You just might stumble on a great bargain and also read reviews that will save you from an awful hotel. It’s your time and money, spend them well.

Where to Park Yourself and Your Luggage
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