Traveling To Denmark, Austria and France

Traveling To Denmark

Denmark is located in Northern Europe in between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea as well. This is the Scandinavian country that is connected to the mainland of Europe. Denmark consists of an amazing 406 islands and only 80 of these islands are inhabited.


Zealand is the most populated island of Denmark and the capital city is called Copenhagen. Copenhagen is located at the eastern part of Zealand. Denmark is known to have a well-developed health care system. The average of men to live in Denmark is 75 years old, and for women, 79 years old. Inhabitants can work up until they are sixty. Denmark consists of only middle and upper class families and the border between the rich and the poor are thin, placing the Danish as the most thriving country.

Amazing Austria

Most of us want to spend holiday in the Alps, while thousands of people do every year. Many people want to take a break and enjoy the sophistication of what Austria brings. Austria has many natural and beautiful landscapes, lakes, rivers and mountains, and comes as a landmark for this country. The capital city of Austria is Vienna which is located in the north. The southern part of Austria was influenced with Italian decent with the Carinthian Mountains that warms your soul.

Austria consists of nine provinces, which can be easily accessible by plane. One can choose different activities, from mountain biking or sightseeing at their magnificent architecture.

The Beautiful France

France is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It housed the most remarkable historical landmarks. Paris is the capital city of France in which love and romance are everywhere. This country with a population of 60,185,831 is full of energetic people rich in tradition and art.

This land contains prehistoric caves that are full of mystery from the Celtic monoliths, Roman ruins and fortresses, and castles in every corner. France also has the world’s most encompassing high-speed train network; thus making it easier to roam around France. France can be easily traveled by air and land as well.

Traveling To Denmark, Austria and France
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