Travelicious Halloween Party

Travelicious Halloween Party
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Hostelling International recently asked their Facebook friends for ideas on how to make a good Halloween costume when on the road.

Travelicious Halloween Party

There were some creative suggestions for using things you would likely have with you or things you could get for cheap, but it also got me thinking about another question:

How can you bring the road to you when you’re home for Halloween?

If you’re thinking of getting some friends together, how about a travel-themed Halloween party? Ask your guests to dress up as a country, a foreign celebrity, or, if you want to get really spooky, a famous dead person from another country. Albert Einscarecrow? Marco Poltergeist? Skeletor Dali? The options are endless.

Put together some international snacks and drinks, play Pin the Pumpkin on the World Map (I have no idea what the rules would be to that, but I know you can make up something good), put a foreign film on in the background for the atmosphere and make a game of figuring out who everyone is supposed to be.

Travel doesn’t just happen once a year when you get away from home, it’s something you can enjoy whenever you let your imagination run wild.

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