Travel Tuesday on Twitter

Travel Tuesday aka #traveltuesday

It is our favourite day online, but we never seem to be around for it lately. Started by Katy of WhereIvebeen in April of 2009, it has grown to one of the biggest days on Twitter in the travel blog community.

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It is a day for Bloggers to recommend their favourite travel tweeters to fellow Twitterers. You can see who is recommended and give them a follow. All you have to do is follow the hashtag thread #traveltuesday on twitter and you can see the latest recommendations and travel news and join the conversation.

Finding Fellow Travel Tweeters

Finding people to follow when you first start out on twitter can be difficult. When you search the Twitter hashtage (#) travel recommendations or the suggestions of websites such as, they only recommend people like NYTimesTravel, FodorsTravel and GoogleTravel. Their recommendations already have huge followings and most likely won’t give you a follow back. The If you are looking for people in the Travel Industry to follow and don’t know where to look, #traveltuesday is an excellent time to start looking.

We want to be able to recommend people while we are on the road, but TravelTuesday can be difficult to take part in when traveling to places like China. So, it is time that we set up our own TravelTuesday list that we can tweet on tuesdays and give people a chance to follow all the great people that we have been following for the past year and a half.

We apologize if we have forgotten any of our friends on our list, we have tried to include everyone that we chat with regularly, but sometimes we can be a little bit stupid and miss some of our favs! Everyone is listed in Alphabetical order (well, sort of – at least all the first letters are in

Travel Tuesday on Twitter
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