Travel to Holland, Ireland and Monaco

Holland: Home Of Tulips And Windmills

Holland is a country known for their famous old cities, countryside homes, historical architectures, amazing traditions and art. Holland is centrally situated at the heart of Europe and is known for being one of the most affordable and progressive country in which everyone can speak English fluently.

Travel to Holland, Ireland and Monaco

Amsterdam is the capital city of Holland and has the most and well preserved historic center. It contains hundreds of century houses from the 17th century with museums, canals and where Van Gogh’s works can be seen. One can see the breathtaking views of towns and villages outside Amsterdam where locals seems to be wearing their traditional garb and shoes that are made of wood.

Wonders of Ireland

The entire Ireland consists of towns, villages and cities with scenery that is so breathtaking. Tourists will love the warmth and generous welcome from the locals. One can see the mixture of the modern society of the 21st century with a blend of history from thousands of years ago.

Ireland is a small island and even if the land area is quite small, many fun activities can be done. The beach and the shoreline are fantastic. You can also try seeing the beautiful landscaped mountains. Ireland provides one of the best inspirations you need.

Ireland is known for their songs and wild dancing but Ireland is more than just that. The rich cultural heritage they have can be seen by their well preserved historical sites and their local foods as well.

Monaco – A Country Full Of History

Monaco is known for its famous rock that lies between the country of France and Mediterranean Sea. This country housed the most elegant and sophisticated yet historical places. Though the space is quite limited and only 1.98 km2 but the entire site is enchanting from the coastal strip up to the mountains and foothills. The country’s climate is so great with more than 300 sunshine days every year. T

Monaco housed many museums from Napoleonic souvenirs and even the stamps and coins have their own museum. For garden lovers, anyone can visit the St Martin Gardens, zoological Gardens, Frontvieille Park and the Princess Grace Rose garden.

Travel to Holland, Ireland and Monaco
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