Top Wedding Destinations

Many couples prefer out of town wedding destinations. Though there are many things to consider for an out of town weddings, this is the right time to bond with your family and friends on your wedding day.

Top Wedding Destinations

Many couples opt to choose out of town weddings and away from the traditional and classic theme. Many couples prefer to have a beach themed wedding. Here are some of the destinations that are great for weddings.

Little Palm Island, Florida

Florida is the number one place for weddings. Such great locations are Sanibel Island, Gulf Coast and Little Palm Island. Little Palm Island is located in Florida Keys with 5 acre islet just offshore of Little Torch Key. This little island is full of emerald green colored waters and is only accessible by boat or a seaplane. This is such a romantic get-away wedding adventure for you and your soon to be lifelong partner. The island can offer you two kinds of ceremony sites such as the natural white sand beaches or the tropical garden with the beautiful harbor view and the amazing sunset dock that can accommodate 40 guests.

Tabernash, Colorado

Don’t be deceived by the ranches name called Devil’s Thumb Ranch. This ranch is the perfect venue for the couples who want another great alternative to beach themed weddings. This perfect ranch sits on 5,000 acres that is home to 16 large cabins filled with European and Denver antiques. You can enjoy and feel refreshed on their Ranch Creek Spa that specializes in nature based therapies. This is perfect for bridal showers or for the newlywed couples to unwind and relax after the big event.

Muir Beach, California

This place is situated just above the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco wherein you can see the sandy and ocean side of paradise. This place has a protected cove full of redwood trees of Muir Woods, wherein otters are playing openly. This beach is a great place for a sunset beach themed wedding.

Top Wedding Destinations
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