Things To Do In London With Your Kids

London is one of the most historic places in earth. But traveling with kids could sometimes be a hassle for parents who want to feel and see the beautiful places. Here are some tips in where to go to London that your kids will surely love.

Things To Do In London With Your Kids

  • Selfridge’s department store. This store is great for shopping with kids during Christmas where beautiful lights hang in every corner. To make this trip enjoyable for your kids, you can play a pretend shopping game. Pretend that you’re buying a white glove and are invited by the Queen herself.
  • The Royal Parks are quite scattered all around London and it is quite a delight to see the King’s Own Royal Horse Artillery on horse in early morning towards Hyde Park.
  • Hamley’s on Regent Street contains one of the largest toy stores in the entire world. This store sells toys to the royal family and it could be fun for the kids to buy their own set of toys where Prince William and Prince Charles’ toys came from. The store is huge with an entire floor built for stuffed animals and stuff toys only.
  • Well, most of the people are Harry Potter fans, so it would be wise to visit some place and visit the real places in UK where the entire movie was filmed. This is indeed a treat for the entire family.
  • Regent’s park has its famous rowboat rental place with hundreds of birds that will love to be fed. These birds eat bread, crackers, and even cookies. Birds can sometimes be aggressive and feeding these birds may scare your kids away.

Children love to imagine, and traveling to other places will widen their imagination and their way of thinking. Make every journey count and turn their imagination and fantasy into reality.

Things To Do In London With Your Kids
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