Theme Parks To Visit In USA – Summer Destination And New York

Visiting theme parks during your stay in USA is a must. America has a lot to offer especially theme parks. Here is a list for the top ten theme parks for you to choose.

Summer Destination And New York

  • Cedar point, Ohio
  • Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey
  • Dorney Park And Wild Water Kingdom In Pennsylvania
  • Kings Dominion in Virginia
  • Dollywood in Tennessee
  • Hershey Park in Pennsylvania

Summer destination

Summer doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the beach. There are a lot of other beautiful places that you can visit aside from theme parks and beaches during summer. Here are the top summer destinations you can do this summer.

  • Williamsburg Virginia – bush gardens amusement park is just a short drive from the town wherein you can see one of the largest outdoor museums.
  • Oshkosh during the EEA air venture show.
  • Cleveland Ohio – great lakes science center
  • Anchorage in Alaska
  • Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
  • Rapid City – national forests and pool areas

Life is too short to waste. Visit as many great places as you can. These places need not be expensive nor costly.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

Due to the 9/11 attack, many more people are buying travel insurance to keep them safe and insured. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy travel insurance.

  • Cancelled flight.
  • Lost bags with prescriptive medications.
  • Stolen passport and wallet.
  • Involved in an accident and needs immediate medical treatment.
  • Canceled trip because of sudden illness.
  • Cancelling your trip due to terrorist attack on your destination.
  • Medical emergency on your destination.
  • The airline or cruise liner goes bankrupt and you need to get your money back.
  • Natural calamities such as storm and hurricanes.
Theme Parks To Visit In USA – Summer Destination And New York
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