The Malta You Must See In This Lifetime

When we think vacations, some of us might go for huge cities that burst with color and noise and restaurants and people. That is all well and good if you want to get lost in the big city. We may all need to experience that at some point in our lives.

The Malta You Must See In This Lifetime

But there are those who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city and dream of getting lost in a land far away; a land that gives them a chance to experience a totally different culture and a different kind of hustle and bustle altogether. For these vacationers or intrepid backpackers, Malta might just be you stop.

Located right in the middle of the Mediterranean, it’s a delightful mixture of the countries that have managed to influence it. It is like a melting pot of the Mediterranean but make no mistake, the Maltese might have heavy influences from other cultures but they have a culture all their own. Malta is comprised of islands, 316 sq Km of islands. The islands are Malta, Gozo and Comino and each very delightful.

Now, you might think that such a tiny place doesn’t have much to offer vacationers, but that is where you are wrong. Tiny as it may be, Malta does not scrimp on entertainment. No one will get bored as there is always something for everyone. Perhaps you are an architecture buff, well then you are certainly going to fall in love with architecture especially that of Valleta. This tiny capital was granted as a world heritage listing by UNESCO and is most often described as being one of the most concentrated historical places in the world. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Boasting magnificent views of the sea, shady allies that lead to grand squares, bars and store occupy buildings that have hardly changed in over a century; yes, tiny Malta and its even tinier capital live up to that promise.

Prepare your most comfortable walking shoes as the tiny city if Valleta is best seen on foot. Strap on your shoes and start walking along narrow alleys flanked by windows on both sides, maybe climb a few stairs and keep walking, chances are you are bound to come up against some pretty interesting historical landmarks like the Alexander ball Temple in the lower Barakka Gardens.

If you have had enough walking and sight-seeing, Head on over to Sliema, St. Julians & Paceville where all the local cool kids go to wine and dine on excellent Mediterranean food. Not to mention shop and dance. To those who simply must shop to enjoy a vacation, then you will want to make this stop. In fact, this is where a lot of tourists take up accommodations.

History buff, architecture junkie, shopaholic, or serious foodie, you will find something to suit you in Malta. It is truly a place for everyone.

The Malta You Must See In This Lifetime
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