The Easy Breezy Vacation in Malta

We all need a vacation at some point. So if you do get the chance to go on a vacation, consider the tiny archipelago that is Malta. It has everything including amazing beaches, great weather, mouth-watering food and amazing historical sites. Before you go here are some things to remember.

The Easy Breezy Vacation in Malta

Book a place to stay. Now there are a lot of places where you can stay in. It is up to you to decide. Do you want to stay in the main island? If so, you can try 70USD per person per night or Palazzo Sant Ursula which cost about 20USD per person per night; this palazzo is no slouch in the service and comfort department.

In Victoria, you can check into Gozo Houses of Character and will cost you about 35USD per night per person. There are also the Gardens and the Downtown Hotel for rooms.

Make sure that you take the time to sample some local food like the delectable Maltese bread which is called hobza which has a very distinct smell. People crave for this bread even after their vacation is over. Another snack that you should try is the pastizzi – they are pockets of puff pastry filled with mashed peas or ricotta cheese; delicious, cheap and filling owing to its lard rich dough. Dieters beware of this. You could easily snack on it endlessly throughout your trip.

Take a tour of the islands. You can get the help of tour operators for this or simply hop on a bus and do your own exploring.  The tours can get pricey depending on the package that you take, but the deals are usually good and include lunch or dinner plus pickups to and from the ferries. If you decide to tour on your won however, the buses are cheap and very efficient in getting you around. Just be armed with a map though.

Always remember that even tiny Malta might have some dangers, so do not go around flashing your money or picking fights with locals. Credit cards are widely accepted and their currency is the Euro. Make sure to change your money in banks as they offer better rates than in hotels or guesthouses.

Try to remember these tips and tricks and you will have a great vacation in the magnificent islands of Malta.

The Easy Breezy Vacation in Malta
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