The Bund – A Financial Hub from Centuries

Shanghai is the most prestigious city of China and has great economic importance. Most of the tourists who visit china, they want to go Shanghai at first priority. It is because of “The Bund” which is considered as the most beautiful part of city.

The Bund – A Financial Hub from Centuries

The word “Bund” is not a local word and is considered as derived from Urdu language which means Dams. It has many historical buildings like foreign consulates, The Shanghai Club, Masonic Club and various financial trading banks and institutions. It is considered as the financial Hub of East Asia. You can find large number of colonial style buildings, gothic turrets and modern constructions as well. Now, the government has imposed the height restrictions for new constructions.

The ideal location of Shanghai has made it as the preferred place for any kind of business. Now, you can see many historical places all around The Bund. The glorious past and dynamic present has made it the most attractive place for tourists. You can find plenty of attractions like a Cruise Dinner in evening where you not only enjoy the delicious food but can also see the beautiful cityscape. In morning, you may feel it boring but the nights are full of fun.

If you are fond of delicious food, you can find a large number of restaurants and cafes. You can buy local made and imported goods at very competitive prices but the shopping area is comparatively at the edge of The Bund. You can also find various top class boutiques and shopping malls.

The Bund as we see it today is the result of modernization that was carried out throughout the 19th to 21st century and you will feel it has an ideal blend of classical and modern constructions. It is a must watch attraction in Shanghai and if you visit there, don’t forget to go to The Bund.

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