The Beauty of Poland, Switzerland and Italy

The Beauty of Poland

The landscape of Poland comes from the mountain ranges from the southern part of their country with lowlands and uplands that stretch across their country. The northern part consists of white pristine beaches from the Baltic coast with hundred lakes.

The Beauty of Poland, Switzerland and Italy

Poland is considered to be one of the most fascinating countries because of their cultural heritage and traditions that dated way back over 1000 years. The well preserved architecture, mementos from historical sites and different masterpieces of art can be seen in many modern galleries and museums.

When it comes to food and dining, Polish cuisine consists of different influences from France and even Italy and other neighboring countries.

Discovering Switzerland

Switzerland is not only known for their fine watch making skills, cheese, chocolate, financial institutions, fine and splendid scenery, Switzerland is also known for its history and unique landscapes. For tourists, there are many things one can do in every four seasons.

During the summer, one can see the spectacular panorama of Alpine meadow and have a refreshing swim at the pool. When winter comes, Switzerland is great for their breathtaking snowshoe tour on their magical forest and ride on skis. Cities are full of attractions, cultural centers and one can easily tour the city, look for food, and discover the authenticity of the entire country.

The Miracle Of Italy

Italy consists of a war climate with warm gracious inhabitants. Italy is the perfect place for active travelers who love the art, food and history. The great legacy of art in Italy can never be seen in any other country. One can see the well preserved and famous museums and churches. The capital city of Italy, which is Rome, is where the famous Vatican lies.

The food and wine of Italy is part of their lifestyle. Eating and drinking wines in calmness and tranquility is their norm. When visiting Italy, never forget to try to do pottery or blowing glass, and listen to ancient music.

The Beauty of Poland, Switzerland and Italy
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