Take a Trip to the Maltese Archipelago

As with travel to any place, there are some things that one must definitely check out and some things that you absolutely must know.

Take a Trip to the Maltese Archipelago

When taking a trip to beautiful Malta it is only to your benefit to know the places to eat, places to go to and places to see. Your hotel or guesthouse can help you plan your activities or you can plan them on your own.

If you are staying in the main island, you should check out the capital that is Valleta. This tiny city can be traversed by foot and is quite gorgeous. Go around Valleta and see some amazing century old buildings and get lost in narrow alleys that open up to spectacular plazas. Inside the city you can visit the Armory where you can see armors from the 16th until the 18th century. Gaze upon the magnificent façade of Auberge de Castille where the Spanish and Portuguese Knights of St. John used to live. Go underground to the Lascaris War Rooms where you can find the headquarters of the allied air and naval forces during WWII. Visit the Lower Barakka gardens to see the Doric columns dedicated to Sir Alexander ball who took Malta from the French.

Take pictures of the Triton Fountain and sharpen your bargaining skills at the flea markets both of which are located just outside the city walls. Better yet, climb the City Gate and marvel upon the magnificent view of the sea and the other islands. Nothing is quite as breathtaking as watching the sun set on such a magnificent setting.

Walking might be the best way to see the city but there are other ways to get around. Most people recommend taking the bus which brings you anywhere within 45 minutes to an hour. You can also take ferries to go to and from islands; that is up to you and what you intend to do in Malta.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite from all the walking around, you can sit down and enjoy some exquisite Mediterranean food with a distinct Maltese twist. Or you can always walk some more and discover more of what Malta has to offer.

Take a Trip to the Maltese Archipelago
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