Take a Trip to Paradise – Honolulu

Life would not be complete without a trip to paradise, otherwise known as Honolulu, Hawaii. Long known as a slice of heaven in the sun, there would be nothing better than a day spent on the powdery beaches soaking up the warm sun under the clear blue skies and hearing the azure surf pounding in the background. It’s the pinnacle of travel in the USA.

Take a Trip to Paradise – Honolulu

And surfer’s paradise Honolulu is, too. It’s possible to step onto the world-famous Waikiki right of the main street of Honolulu and surf the waves before breakfast. Afterward, step into a warm diner or cafe (no need to drive – it’s right by the beach as well) and tuck into a large and delicious breakfast. Waikiki Beach is in the middle of downtown Honolulu so you can head to the beach after a strenuous day of shopping, too.

Looming over the beach is the beautiful Diamond Head, an extinct volcano that glitters in the sunlight because of the embedded calcite crystals in the lava rock. Previously used as a military fortress, it is now open to the public after a short but unshaded climb to the peak where you’ll find the best view of Oahu Island and the endless Pacific.

Right to a living coral reef is the Waikiki Aquarium where you can see endangered sea animals like the Hawaiian monk seals and zebra sharks. With it being known in American History as the third oldest aquarium in the country, it is the one place where you can view exhibits that feature the marine habitats and communities found in the region.

And what is a trip to paradise without the ubiquitous pineapple? Spend a day at the Dole Plantation and take a tour around the biggest pineapple plantation in the world on the Pineapple Express Train. All the souvenirs you’ll ever want can be found here and don’t you dare miss the fresh-churned pineapple ice cream.

Take a Trip to Paradise – Honolulu
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