Sunset Watching

My sister and I traveled to our paternal hometown of Bacnotan in La Union to have some vacation, and at the same time attend the annual Surfing Break in the town of San Juan, and visit our dad’s grave in time for the All Saints/Souls Day. On our second day, we pretty much lazied the whole day – doing marathon of Grey’s Anatomy and eating… and come late in the afternoon, seeing the sky turning orange made us decide to go sunset watching in Paratong Beach. We wanted to save our pocket money, so we just walked.

Sunset Watching

Lake. We were halfway through when we saw this sight, we just liked the reflection it made in the water that we stopped and took pictures. My sister brought the family camera, so both of us were taking pictures.

Tall Grasses. The sun was starting to go down pretty quick, so we had to hurry…

Just in Time. When we got to the beach, the sun was just nearly touching the horizon. Whew!

Jump, Sis! I told my sister I would like to make her my model for the day, but because there were some fishermen looking at as, my sister could only do jumpshots. She was shy to pose in the beach.

Walking. Changing the white balance to tungsten to single out the sun the orange-y sky, my sister was just enjoying the view walking, while I was enjoying the view sitting the gray sands.

Fishing Village. Paratong Beach wasn’t really that much of a picturesque beach; the water wasn’t really that clean because there was a fishing village nearby, so most of the time we just watch the sunset here. At times though, we take the time to dip in the water and just enjoy.

We didn’t want to greet the night in the beach, so upon seeing the horizon partly “ate up” the sun, we decided that it was the time to leave. Despite feeling lazy throughout the day, we did enjoy it, and seeing a good sunset was just a great way to end the day.

Sunset Watching
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  • 26 January 2017 at 19:31

    Man I would love to go to a camp like that but it doesn’t exists where I live´╗┐


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