Snacks Before We Parted Ways

I never knew how hectic the port was until we disembarked after our trip from Coron, Palawan. When we got out of the Superferry lot, there were just a lot of people – passengers, vendors, and taxi drivers trying to get people to ride on their taxis.

Snacks Before We Parted Ways

There were six of us, and we still had to talk about different matters. We didn’t want to lose each other in the mix of different people, so we told each other to just keep walking, until we reach a place away from all the commotion.

When we saw Shakey’s near Manila Hotel, we decided to just enter and have snacks while we talk about things. It never entered my mind to take a picture of the dining area, so this was what I had – the facade.

Anyway, we just dropped our bags, and tried to fit in the table that was supposedly for four people. Well, it was much better than having separate tables! As we were handed the menu, we quickly chose what we wanted.

Strawberry Milk Shake. Kei and I only wanted to have something sweet and refreshing; so seeing this in the menu made us go for it. I do love strawberry flavored foods, so I went with this. So creamy and so good, this was a very great milkshake that wasn’t too expensive.

Carbonara. Some of our friends went for the carbonara, and seeing their plate really made Kei and I drool, so we called in the staff to order a plate each, too. It was one of the better tasting lasagna I had – bacon was cooked to my liking (not too crispy), and I loved that they used shiitake mushrooms in this. Most carbonara I have eaten used sliced up button mushrooms, and while that was just fine, tasting a different kind of carbonara was a great change.

In between eating, we were talking about our trip. Erick shouldered most of our expenses while in Coron, so our “auditor” Lei just laid out all the expenses we had and divided the cost equally.

After all was settled, it was time for us to come home. Us girls took a cab to Ortigas, where Lei went on her way, while the other three of us (Kei, Dianne, and I) took a bus to Fairview (we lived relatively close to each other). The boys? Well, we didn’t know – they let us leave the area first.

It has been a great trip. I was really, really blessed that I was able to do it with them.

Snacks Before We Parted Ways
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