Singapore, The Fine City

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia and is known to be one of the most successful nations in that region. Founded in 1819, with a population of almost 4.5 million people, it is one of the most densely populated nations in the world.

Singapore, The Fine City

Singapore is a conglomeration of both tradition and modernity. While boasting high taste skyscrapers, tourists to the island will also find traditional architecture and local fare of Chinese, Indian and Malay food, culture and goods. Singapore is highly sought after by tourists far and wide. Singapore hosts some high standard tourist attractions which never fail to attract tourists.

One such tourist attraction is the Jurong Bird Park. The perfect haven for nature and bird lovers, Jurong bird pack holds different species of birds and also entertains its guests with bird shows. Tourists should also not miss the Singapore Night Safari which is by far the world’s first Night Safari is the world’s first night wildlife park. The Night Safari allows visitors to experience wildlife in a tropical setting at night under starlit skies. You will be able to see almost 1000 nocturnal animals of about 100 species in extremely naturalistic habitats. Visitors also have the option to set foot on a walking trail which allows them to explore the jungle and the animals. Visitors can enjoy animal shows and performances while on the tour. Beside the Night Safari is the Singapore Zoo which houses various animals from several countries. Singapore also attracts tourists with the recent introduction of the Singapore Flyer which offers visitors a bird’s eye view of the landscape and Universal Studios.

For the shopping enthusiasts, Singapore provides traditional shopping options as well as plush mall experiences in downtown Singapore known as Orchard Road. With food available everywhere, tourists will never have to feel hungry while on their shopping expedition. The international brand names will appeal shoppers of all ages.

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Thanks for your tips and advice, this is probably the best blogpost I have scene on Singapore.

There’s no tipping, but you left out the part most restaurants and shops in Singapore have 7% GST – goods and services tax/charge)

How does Singapore compare to Hong Kong?

Super article