See the Real Dallas

Dallas, Texas may be more famous for its namesake television series or the Dallas Cowboys (although some argue that it would be more of the Dallas CowGIRLS!) than the natural beauty that first attracted people there in the first place, “real” Dallas.

See the Real Dallas

Dedicated Old West fans will find themselves in cowboy heaven once they catch a bull riding contest at Mesquite Rodeo and also put in a visit at the rightly famous Fort Worth Stockyards, where the sights and sounds have to be seen to be believed during your travels in the USA.

Dallas isn’t all just prairie. If you traipse down to the Dallas Arboretum, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful greenery that will greet you. It’s been likened to the Garden of Eden by some, and they wouldn’t be that far off. Among the many collections is the azalea collection, a group of around 2400 or more different kinds of azaleas, including those that could only be seen before in the plant’s country of origin, China.

Hidden among the gardens are historical mansions that are open for visitors as well as views of the Dallas city skyline and White Rock Lake that take your breath away during moments that you least expect. You begin to feel that the gardeners planned the plantings to frame these views just for you and you may be right.

History buffs well know that Dallas was the site where President John F. Kennedy took his last breath and would want to chance a walk down the Grassy Knoll and Dealey Plaza where the beloved President lost his life. The School Book Depository, where that shot was fired, is now the Sixth Floor Museum, a tribute to the President and a remembrance of what took place that day. You could even walk down to the Kennedy Memorial to come full circle during this tour.

See the Real Dallas
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