See a Lot in Orlando

See a Lot in Orlando
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You’ll see much more than Disney World when you travel down to Orlando. Although, if you are traveling with kids or even with a grown-up kid, they will definitely argue that point with you during your travels in the USA.

See a Lot in Orlando

The site of the largest amusement park in the world would surely be a must-see for people that are set to have fun. In fact, Walt Disney World is listed as the most popularly visited recreational park in the entire world. You can’t discuss with numbers like that.

If you can drag your travel companions away from Walt Disney World, then you’ll have more to see in Universal Orlando Resort. Offering more types of excitement that you can ever think of, every scene here is a photo opportunity waiting to happen. Have fun with movie magic and be surprised with what you’ll learn! Harry Potter fans would be sure to have a thrill taking a stroll down Diagon Alley!

Of course, who could even forget Sea World? Only in Orlando can you see so many stunts done with various sea creatures the whole day. And despite you knowing that it’s a definite tourist trap, it would be hard to resist doing the shopping here for any souvenirs you’d like to take back. Why not test your courage and take a ride on the Manta rollercoaster?

You won’t need to search far here for good food, either. Orlando is known far and wide as the place to find good food and lots of it. Get yourself some classic American food at the biggest Hard Rock Cafe in the world.

And museums there are if you are in want of a bit of culture. It’s a mecca for artists that deal with stained glass. The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum is host to the widest collection of Tiffany windows and lampshades plus other pieces of art this genius has created.

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