Say I Do With These Vacation Hot Spots

Say I Do With These Vacation Hot Spots
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You may have heard romantic stories of marriage proposal at the beach or wedding reception. These top hot vacation spots are not just great for summer splurge vacation but also great for weddings and romantic marriage proposals. Here are our top five lists.

Say I Do With These Vacation Hot Spots

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The lake’s water stretched into a million year old sandstone canyons with magnificent cliff walls for over 2,000 miles of amazing shoreline of Arizona. This breathtaking view creates scenic sanctuaries in which couples can escape among those amazing cliffs, sands and multi colored canyons with blue waters.

Grand Teton National Park

If you are ready to propose, head over to the Mt St John and follow the trail that will lead you to Inspiration Point. The walk is not that hard with breathtaking views as you pass the Hidden Falls and follow along the river to get to the Inspiration Point. The dramatic place is unforgettable and she will definitely say yes to your marriage proposal. If you’re planning for weddings, this place has this great Signal Mountain summit with picturesque view with unique vista all around.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod National Seashore has 44,600 acres of white and pristine shoreline just for you that will definitely create a perfect beach themed wedding. This place has the grandest cathedrals for a church wedding. You can take a trip to the grasslands, woodlands and take a hike up to the forest and hidden lakes with ponds. If you arrive before dawn, you can see and appreciate the amazing sunrise which is great for a marriage proposal.

Hot Springs National Park

Arkansas has this great town on the other side with a national park in the other called Hot Springs National Park. The government and city engineers are preserving those historic bathhouses for everyone to see. While indulging the hot springs bath and wearing your plush robes, this is a great time where in you can get down in one knee and propose.

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