Run Away to Orlando or London with Harry Potter

Run Away to Orlando or London with Harry Potter
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I’m just about a week away from my trip to Orlando and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My friend and I have costumes all picked out, because we’re massive geeks, and I can’t wait to get there.

Run Away to Orlando or London with Harry Potter

A trip to Orlando may not be in your near future, but if your travels are going to take you through London there are a lot of ways to add a little magic to your next trip.

I would love to go stay at the Burrow myself, but since that’s not possible (yet – I would love to see someone open a Weasley hostel) let’s explore some other ways to get your Harry Potter travel fix.

You could book a Harry Potter tour around London and let someone else do the driving. Or, if you’d rather search out the places that have known magic yourself, put together your own Potteresque itinerary:

  • Visit London’s Kings Cross Station and get a picture of Platform 9 3/4. Yes, there’s a sign there for you. Also stop by Platform 4, where the filming was actually done.
  • The London Zoo is where we first see Harry talking to snakes. Please don’t try to let any of them out.
  • Walk through Leadenhall Market in London, which stood in for Diagon Alley. Ollivander won’t be there, but maybe you can buy a cloak.
  • The Millennium Bridge is torn apart by Death Eaters in the new film, but is perfectly sturdy in real life, so you can walk across it. (Check out this article about the special effects.)
  • Rick Steves has a list of other filming locations throughout England and Scotland.

And if all you’ve got going on is a staycation, throw on a robe and make some tasty wizarding treats for your friends. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon, force everyone to speak with a British accent, and pretend to be in a land far far away…

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