Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta
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Puerto Vallarta is situated centrally in the Bay of Banderas and has marvelous vegetation. The bay receives water from Pacific Ocean and is very hot due to summer Sun followed by refreshing summer rains and regularly receives ocean breeze. There are Palm trees all along receiving river waters and there innumerable variety of flowers. At night there is great moonshine and stars contemplation to be seen in the clear sky.

Puerto Vallarta

The people love the life they live in such wonderful surroundings. Puerto Vallarta has plenty of things for people, who come to stay and enjoy the scenic beauties of nature. For staying option one can choose Villa La Estancia Puerto Vallarta, while vacationing in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is heading for great growth and development for the future and is lucky enough keeping intact the natural surroundings and environment which has intoxicating effect for even a most serious businessman to find time and fall in love with nature calling at it’s romantic settings.

There are scores of restaurants having chefs of international recognition creating their marvelous dishes.

Puerto Vallarta happens to be shopper’s paradise show casing traditionally designed market stalls, designer boutiques, exquisite art galleries, hand crafted items collections pooled from the vast handcraft masters creating their artistic goods for generations.

Puerto Vallarta holds golf championship meet, tennis tournaments, international fishing game, mountainous biking, fun of scuba diving and horse back riding. Other famous activities are to a cruising to the island where many species running the risk of extinction are preserved. There are booze cruising besides dolphin and whale watching.

One gets an opportunity for a flight to a mountain silver mining village,

Puerto Vallarta has its wonderful natural diversity and is most suitable place for enjoying and also discovering, step by step the exotic environment and it’s charms.

A Puerto Vallarta sunset scene in January is a rare experience for persons visiting from Canada or Germany.

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