Porto Restaurants

Casa dos Tapetes de Arraiolos, rua Santa Catarina 570:

It is show room for the fabled Arraiolos carpets, which are popularly known as  nubby pure wool carpets of Portugal. A huge number of women workers, who for the last many generations of producing such art work, devote long hours in crafting carpets depicting symmetrical offbeat designs in bright and attractive colors, which are exhibited and sold to unique customers having love for the craft items.

Porto Restaurants

Mуvel 4–rua de Camхes 19:

Is the largest dealer of Cutting-edge home furnishings, which are sold at their branches located at rua de Santa Catarina 1002, and rua Dom Manuel II 196.

Haity, rua de Santa Catarina 247:

They are largest dealer of leather goods at Porto.

Casa dos Linhos, rua de Fernandes Tomas 660:

Are dealers for all varieties of linen and embroideries.

Livraria Lello, rua das Carmelitas 144:

It is a renowned book store and has exclusive stocks of great titles in English and has a good range. One can find any thing needed at this book store. The premises, is well decorated, the shop is more than a century old and therefore has some rare books. It is very famous through out north Portugal.

Perfumaria Castilho, rua de Sб de Bandeira 80:

It is a place, where one can access any brand of international perfumes and if you’re looking for any of the standard international perfumes, besides some very rare perfumes, which are exclusively available here.

Ana Salazar, rua nova de Alfopndega 65:

They make exclusive designs related to women’s fashion, the womens’ clothing portray sexy look.The show room stocks all type of goods like for casual wear, office wear, sports wear including foot wear, bags and accessories. Their clothes are bit costly, when compared to local stuff, but they are reasonably priced as compared to other similar designer crafts available in Paris.

Regional Center of Traditional Arts: rua de Reboleira 33-37:

They stock traditionally produced Portuguese handicrafts. It was established in the eighteenth century. It sources its items from select artisans spread through out Portugal.  ita 20A.

Vista Alegre, rua Cвndido dos Reis 18:

They stock ultrafine porcelin products, and have facilities of sending the consignments of orders received from customers to any place. The rates of items are related to the intricacy of the artwork involved.

Cafe Majestic

Rua de Santa Catarina, 112

It is the place from where the cafe Majestic started it’s services in the twenties. The cafe has close connections with the events and happenings in the city of Porto starting from 1921 offering a feeling of luxury besides the coffee beverage, when it was named as Elite.

Within just one year it was named Majestic, which is in continuance thereafter. Various writers and politicians of the times assembled here for a refreshing cup of coffee to stimulate their think tank and exchange views and opinions. It would be true fact that Art, technology and Politics progressed at this spot

Subsequently the Porto city, witnessed tremendous life style changes and the survival a splendid coffee place also became an unmanageable issue. It was closed down, and subsequently in 1994 it reopened as a Public Interest and cultural Heritage Property displaying it’s artistic look having decorations of Antwerp Crystals, Indian Marble flooring captivating furnishings. Among the Antiques is the Piano and winter garden warmly inviting the visitors.

This is the kind of refined atmosphere, with poetry readings, piano concerts, painting exhibitions and book launches, that the Cafe Majestic creates for your visit.

Restaurants in Porto

Following are some of the prominent regional restaurants serving all famous dishes like Sardinhas Fritas, Pataniscas de Bacalhau, Bacalhau а Narcisa e Bacalhau, Filetes de Polvo e Congro Arroz Doce e Mousse de Chocolate, Doces Caseiros,
Sopa de Legumes e Entradas Variadas  to the visitors.

Restaurant Adega do Pacheco: Rua de Miraflores.

Restaurant Adega Vila Meг: Rua dos Caldeireiros, 62.

Restaurant Bar Club 21 Rua Afonso Lopes Vieira, 162:

Restaurant Capa Negra:Rua Campo Alegre, 191:

Restaurant Chez Lapin:Rua dos Canastreiros, 40/42:

Restaurant Churrascгo do Mar: Rua Joгo Grave, 134/152. – Ao Estadio do Bessa.

Restaurant Convнvio: Rua Arq. Marques da Silva, 303 e Rua Gonualo Sampaio, 238.

Restaurant Cufra: Avenida da Boavista, 2504.

Restaurant D.Tonho Cais da Ribeira, 13/15.

Restaurant Don Manoel: Avenida Montevideu, 384 (Foz do Douro).

Restaurant Escondidinho: Rua Passos Manuel, 144.

Restaurant Favas Contadas Rua de Gondarem, 843.

Restaurant Galiza: Rua do Campo Alegre, 55.

Restaurant Gambamar Rua do Campo Alegre, 110/118.

Restaurant Lagosteiro: Rua Conde de Burnay, 140.

Restaurant Mal Cozinhado: Rua do Outeirinho, 13.

Restaurant Mercearia: Cais da Ribeira, 32/33-A.

Restaurant Miguel: Rua D. Domingos Pinho Brandгo.

Restaurant Neptuno: Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 133.

Restaurant O Fado: Largo Sгo Joгo Novo, 16 – 16-A.

Restaurant У Macedo: Rua Passeio Alegre, 552.

Restaurant Orfeu: Rua Julio Dinos, 928.

Restaurant Porto Fino: Rua do Padrгo, 103 (Foz do Douro).

Porto Restaurants
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