Places You Can Visit While in Valleta Malta

There are vacationers who go for fun in the sun, others go for shopping while others do nothing else but eat, eat and eat while on vacation. You can do all of that in Malta, but for those who are more interested in sight-seeing, Malta is a treasure trove. History buffs and photography hobbyists will fall in love with its century old cities, shaded alley ways, baroque palaces. Your feet and camera might just give up before you get tired of sight-seeing in Malta.

Places You Can Visit While in Valleta Malta

First on the list of places you might want to see is the present-day capital Valleta. The best way to see this tiny capital is by foot, so ladies, leave your stilettos at home and wear more comfy shoes which would make walking easier to do. One must see is the triton fountain located just outside the Valleta City gates. It’s hard to miss and it’s something you shouldn’t miss seeing. Just outside the city walls, right in front of St. James Bastion and St. James Counter Guard is flea market which sells the usual merchandise plus some bric-a-brac and even some animals. Some people might not want too see this as some animals are kept in rather small cages. There are other markets open on Sundays located in Marsaxlokk which is a fishing village and another one in It-tokk market located in Victoria in the Island of Gozo.

City Gate is another must see in Valleta. This is the main entryway into Valleta. Great views of the great ditch can be enjoyed from the ramparts above the City Gate. There is a fourth City gate and also the most current although the Maltese don’t seem to like this gate very much. So take out your cameras and snap away while on top of City Gate.

And another place you should put on your list is the National Museum of Archeology where you can find artifacts from 3200 BC and as well as the bronze age and Roman era. Malta ash something for everyone and even the tiny capital city can keep you entertained for days.

Places You Can Visit While in Valleta Malta
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