Photography Contest from Kensington Market

The results are in from the Kensington Market Photography contest in Toronto. We asked you to vote for you favourite photo. The top three were then critiqued by Dave. and based on his criteria a decision was made.

Photography Contest from Kensington Market

Nice People Suck When their Mean – 22 Votes

We had a total of 122 votes. thanks to everyone for helping a lucky person win $500 towards an Intrepid tour.

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The Winning Photo is…

Frivolous Frock!

Congratulation, you have won $500 towards an Intrepid Travel Tour. Intrepid Travel Toronto will be contacting you will details. (unfortunately we don’t know who entered which photograph so we can’t tell you who this photo belongs too!) Never fear, Intrepid Travels knows.

Dave’s Reason for the choice.

Luckily, this photo received the most votes as well, but I would have chosen it out of the top 3 regardless.

Frivolous Frock

What I liked….

Colours – I love the colours in this photo. The combination of the pinks, reds and yellows really make it leap off the page.

Composition – The composition works very good. The choice to include the blue skirt in the upper right 3rd of the photo fills what would otherwise be negative space.

Context – It captures what Kensington is about…funky clothing and retro feel.

Lighting- Well balanced use of light and shadow.

Depth of Field- Letting the background go a little soft allowed the main subject of the frock to take center stage.

Exposure- Correctly exposed hilights are held and there is detail in the shadows.


Congratulations – You have won a free tour with Toronto’s Urban Adventures!

Action – Nice use of action. freezing the bubbles in focus.

Depth of Field – Nice use of selective focus and depth of field.

Suggestions for improvement…

Cropping – Could of used a crop to take the negative space out of the left hand part of the frame.

Angles – Would have liked to see a lower angle including a little more of the bubble machine.

Exposure – Too underexposed; a brighter image would let the bubbles stand out more from the background.

Nice People Suck When Their Mean

Congratulations, you made it to the top 3 and have a great eye for photography! Keep up the great work.

Colour: Nice Vibrant colours

Exposure: Well balanced exposure

Suggestions for improvements…

Context – I like the caption but what does it relate to? It could be graffiti anywhere in the world, what makes it unique and how does it relate to Kensington Market.

Angles – graffiti is hard to make interesting. Getting lower and closer could have maybe helped draw the viewer in.

Subject – Try to tie the image in with your surroundings. What makes the story?

We received awesome photos from everyone that took part in the tour. Thank you for coming out with us and we look forward to leading some more photography tours in the future.

Thanks to Intrepid Travel for being so generous with their prizes and congratulations to everyone for submitting such great photography!

Photography Contest from Kensington Market
4.7 (93.33%) 12 votes

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