Photo tours in India

If you would have asked us 4 months ago if we would be going back to India. The answer would have certainly been no.

Photo tours in India

It is amazing how things change

During our time on Princess Cruises the idea first came into play. Carrie from Cruise Buzz suggested that we start running our own tours. Other travel bloggers on the tour that we have great respect for agreed stating that a photography tour would be ideal. We have travelled extensively for a decade and we have very social personalities. Carrie mentioned it more than once and each time we said we weren’t ready yet, or we aren’t interested in that yet.

When we flew directly to New York for TBEX, Trisha from Travel Writers Exchange told us that she wanted us to meet Chris from the Amateur Traveler. She said that he leads his own tours and that she thinks it would be a great idea for us to run one of our own. We met him and he was a super nice guy. He told us about his tour and we thought, that is cool, but not for us right now.

The Summer Went On

And then, the Toronto Travel Tribe began. We have met some great people this summer and if you are a believer in that sort of thing…We feel that our plans changed drastically this March because we were meant to get to know the Toronto travel community better. If we stayed in Asia and moved on to China after Nepal, we never would have met these people and had the amazing opportunities that we had this summer. Many doors opened to us these past 3 months.

We had luncheons With PR agencies, we networked and shared knowledge with other Bloggers, we got to know our blogging idol Journeywoman on a personal level and can now call her a friend, we spoke at events on 3 different occasions, we took part in press trips and we got to know the great people at Intrepid Travel Toronto. We are hoping to build a long and successful partnership with them.

Yes, we feel that our summer in Toronto was meant to be

The travel tribe people put the idea into Dave’s head that he should lead a photography tour of Toronto. They also told him regularly how much they love his photography and that we should lead a travel tour of our own somewhere in the world.

That boosted his confidence and after so many people telling us that we would be perfect to lead a tour, we began to soften on the subject.

We lead a photography tour through Kensington Market with Intrepid Travels and really enjoyed it. Dave loves sharing his love of knowledge for photography and I love socializing and asking him the questions that maybe others are…

a. too afraid to admit they don’t know
b. didn’t think of asking that question.

We now know what we need to focus on for India and we are looking forward to leading a tour ourselves in January.

How did this start out?

Mariellen of Breathe Dream Go is an expert on India. She asked to use one of Dave’s photos to feature on her blog, and Wire India saw it. I saw their tweet that ThePlanetD’s photography would be a great addition one of their tours. Mariellen encouraged it and agreed whole heartedly. Thanks Mariellen for suggesting us and for your support!

When we saw their conversation, we said that yes, we would be interested

A simple tweet has turned into two back to back tours in Rajasthan with Wire India and we couldn’t be more excited.

They had been following our blog for a while and felt that we would be a perfect fit. We went through our favourite places that we visited in Rajasthan and put together an itinerary. With some suggestions from Wire India and their must see destination and our favourite spots for photography, we feel that this tour will give people the best experience they can have in this diverse, exciting and visually stunning part of India.

We will focus on not only getting that perfect shot that you can finally hang on your wall, but encourage people to integrate with society. We want to teach photographers that by interacting with the people of India, they will not only capture an unforgettable moment, but create memories to last a lifetime.

A photographer shouldn’t be paying their subjects some rupees or sneaking a shot from afar, they should converse and get to know the people. We came away from India with new friends and fond memories of the people we met. A simple conversation, a chat during a chai sale or a joke and smile can make for an incredible moment in time.

Discover how to step out from behind the tour glass window and experience India from within instead of as a stranger looking on.

FOCUS offers amateur and aspiring photographers a brilliant opportunity to combine the fantastic sights of Rajasthan with expert tuition in travel photography.

Click provides amateur and aspiring photographers with a slightly different way of exploring Rajasthan.

Photo tours in India
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