Pay a Visit to Austin

Austin is not just another Dallas. It’s the capital of Texas and a city all its own, popular in its own right. While it may not have the same name recall as its more famous sister city, the city of Austin, Texas has proponents in droves.

Visit Austin

Take in a bit of history first and pay a visit to the only pink capitol building anywhere, the Texas State Capitol, which was constructed in 1888 and is bigger than the nation’s capitol building in Washington, DC. Take the guided tour to understand more about this city and how it came about. The price is right here – it’s free.

For those that are interested in the history of the city, then they should go down to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. It’s only here during your travels in the USA that you will be able to find everything there is about the State of Texas, whether it is the truth, a legend, or something in between. With the use of modern technology, it’s history brought to life.

Take a trip into the past by looking into the living museum that is Pioneer Farms. They offer historical and natural workshops for all ages and you can also purchase products made in the early 1800s as unusual souvenirs to take home.

After a day enriching your knowledge, it’s now time to feed your stomach. Take to South Congress Avenue for a Texas-sized choice of restaurants to sate your appetite and enjoy the music that spills out into the street as you stroll down while making your choice. It’s a scene so reminiscent of the old Western movies, you’ll recognize it without even trying!

Try to finish your meal by dusk so you can head out to Congress Bridge to watch an amazing sight – a nightly parade of thousands of bats that are headed out into the black, inky night. It’s a sight so spectacular that you even forget that you are supposed to be afraid of bats.

Pay a Visit to Austin
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