Paradise in Boracay

Boracay is nothing short of an island with pristine clear water, white, powdery sand and gently swaying palm trees. This combination makes up our idea of a perfect beach experience and gives Boracay the status of being on the world’s best beaches. Boracay is part of the Western Visayas island-group in the Philippines, along with the western part of the province of Negros, the island of Panay, and many smaller islands. This is an all year round Southeast Asian tourist destination, which offers unlimited entertainment and relaxation for people of all ages.

Paradise in Boracay

Travellers arriving from international destinations will have to land in Manila, the capital of Philippines. Upon reaching Manila International Airport, you would need to go over to the domestic terminal to board a Southeast Asian airlines aircraft which would transfer you to Caticlan. Caticlan is essentially a small town on Panay Island and is very close to Boracay Island. The airport at Caticlan is about 5 minutes from the jetty, where you will take a 20-30min boat ride to reach paradise.

While on the domestic flight, do not miss the spectacular bird’s eye view of Boracay from your window. This bird’s eye view of the island will leave you at the edge of your seat as you wait impatiently to soak in the atmosphere at the island. You will be stunned by the beauty around upon reaching your hotel. Located on the white powdery sand by the waterfront are rows of hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. Upon reaching the island, head straight to the beach. Enjoy the soft silky sand by walking barefooted on the beach as you head out to look for food. As you walk out the stretch, you will find the famous “Talipapa” market where you will be able to buy raw seafood and have them cooked for you just the way you want at the adjoining restaurant. Food is delicious on the island with a wide range of international cuisine.

While at Boracay, do not miss the very famous dessert shop, Jonas Milkshakes. Nothing can be better than watching the sun go down as you sip an ice-cold glass of fresh fruit juice at Jonas. Other options for you at the island would be to enjoy the signature Hilot Filipino massage on the beachfront. If you love the sea and sun, try out paraw sailing at sunset. Alternatively, island hop and snorkel to enjoy the sights of marine life in Philippines.

In totality, Boracay is a relaxation destination, where you get value for money.

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That’s a slick answer to a question

John Sky



Enjoyed seeing you enjoy my country, we still have lots to offer you miss, dont forget to come back. You are always welcomed here


That was an awesome trip for you guys, but it was short, come for more you will love to see and the taste of coron and elnido.

Shawn Low

You came at the right time when there were not too many people on the island

Danton Bologna

Just curious, do they provide life jacket for cliff jumping? I can’t swim but would love to try it out one day!


How much going BORACAY from bacolod


How much did they pay in total for this trip?


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