Orcha the Hidden Wonder

Orcha is a town situated near the Banks of Betwa River, which is located in Madhya Pradesh a state of India. It is a city of medieval times comprised of temples and splendid palaces of the past. Town has been a very mighty kingdom of Central India founded by Bundela Rajput Rudra Pratap. The palaces still have the glory of the past telling the tales and tastes of the rulers of those times.

Orcha the Hidden Wonder

Orcha is of great interest of Tourists because it reflects ancient history of Kings and Kingdoms, which have vanquished the world over and their descendents are left with just the titles and memories of the past, with the modern civilization having tramped them in all corners of the world.

Getting to Orcha:

City can be reached by boarding a train from Hazrat Nizamudin/New Delhi Taj Expresses, which starts at about 7.00 touching Agra the Town of 7th Wonder Taj Mahal, reaching Gawalior. From Gawalior a train takes to Jhansi. From Jhansi Orcha is only 15 Kilometers, which can be traveled by an Auto rickshaw. The distance from Jhansi to Orcha can be traveled within 30 minutes.

This town can also be combined with Khajuraho a prominent place of tourist attraction. One reaches Jhansi from Khajuraho and can follow the trip to town as above. At the outskirts of Jhansi there is a Tringular crossing commonly known as Orcha Tigalia. A road on left takes you to Orcha. Follow the Direction as displayed on the sign post on the road.

Reaching Orcha:

City has a Railway Station, where only few trains stop. Jhansi Khajuraho Train No.229A only stops at the Railway Station. The Orcha Railway station is again 5 Kilometers away from Town. From Railway station one can travel to town by an auto rickhaw, which is available outside Orcha Railway Station. One can travel as a share passenger or engage auto rickshaw exclusively.

On return journey also you can get Khajuraho-Jhansi Train No.230 A. Enquire the Train Timings from Jhansi Railway Station.

Since the only Link available to town is after reaching Jhansi, it is necessary that one show now how to reach Jhansi first.

jahangir mahal

The nearest Airports to Jhansi are located at Gawalior 103 kilometers and Khajuraho 175 kilometers. Tourists prefer to take the flight service to Khajuraho, see the tourist spots here and then move to Orcha.

Jhansi is junction lying on Mumbai (Bombay) Delhi route and Delhi Madras train route. It falls in the jurisdiction of Central Railway and is well linked to all destinations scattered in the country. Following are the trains which pass through Jhansi:

Trains Originating from East of India:

Dakshin Express, Chambal Exp, Bundelkhand Exp, Kushinagar Exp, Pushpak Exp, Rapti Sagar Exp, Sabarmati Exp, Mahakoshal Exp, Kerala Express, Bju Gwl Mail, And Rjpb Indb Expre.

Trains Originating from Delhi:

Gondwana Expres, Jhelum Express, Punjab Mail, Bhopal Express, G T Express, Kerala Express,

Swarna Jayanti, Ujjaiyani Exp, Karnataka Exp, Ujjaiyani Exp and Chhatisgarh Exp.

National Highways numbered NH 25 and 26 pass through Jhansi, which connects Jhansi to Cities like Agra, Indor.

Orcha the Hidden Wonder
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