Not Just A Hotel, But A Place With Spirit

Not Just A Hotel, But A Place With Spirit
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Los Angeles, California is a place that offers infinite possibilities, especially if you are a tourist, anxious to be amazed and entertained. Everything in this place is totally awesome and the hotels make no exception. Carlyle Inn is the place where all fun begins.

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Brand new renovated, the hotel welcomes its tourists, old or new and surprises them with the new modern environment, which provides numerous facilities, for people to work, relax and have fun. The décor is truly a masterpiece and the accommodations ensure comfort and harmony. The breakfast gives you strength to start a new day and after that you can either try the hot tub, to prolong the comfort, or go for a little action and visit the fitness center.

At Carlyle Inn every morning is inspired and comes with new possibilities. There is no chance you will get bored. One thing about Carlyle Inn is that it is completely a non-smoking hotel. This way, you will be able to breathe some clean air and stay within a soft, silky atmosphere, at least for the few days that you are visiting LA; or, at least for the time when you are inside the hotel’s premises.

You will find yourself at the heart of the Jewish community, which is not only a great cultural experience but also comes with some benefits, like easy access to the shops and restaurants in the surrounding area. Hence, tourists can enjoy their meal in a totally different space, where they can pick up new habits-culinary or social.

But the entertainment possibilities are the ones that will make your stay unlike no other. While inside the hotel you can enjoy the high speed internet and cable satellite television, outside the hotel, in the nearest areas you can visit the Kodak Theatre, the CBS studios and The Paul Getty Museum.

Its convenient placement and its modern facilities increase the rating of the hotel a lot, but what makes the difference is the attitude of the staff members, whom you will not notice around, except from the times when you will need them to offer you some advice or recommendations or sort out some troubles you may have. Inside Carlyle Inn, you will find an honest community.

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