New York – The Wonderful Town

New York is a city set into song almost regularly, something that has become almost a tradition among musicians. It’s the backdrop of numerous books and movies, too. It’s a city of lights that never sleeps, one that’s become almost legendary.

New York – The Wonderful Town

It’s a city rich in history as well. From the time the Dutch purchased it from the Native Americans in the 1600s, it’s been the center of trade, commerce, and stories that make history. Take a tour of Manhattan, where it all started, and see Wall Street, the Financial District, and the famous Central Park.

New York – The Wonderful Town

Quite possibly, your trip to New York during your travel in the USA won’t be complete without a horse-drawn ride taken around Central Park itself. It’s also the best way to absorb all the sights and sounds of the city as it rushes by.

If you have the time, take a walk around Greenwich Village and duck into one or another of the many galleries that dot the neighborhood. Another place with its own flavor would be Little Italy, which would give you glimpse of the old country of Italy. The other neighborhoods of note would be Harlem, Chelsea, East Village, West Village, SoHo, and of course, Chinatown. If you can time it right, Chinese New Year in Chinatown would be something truly unforgettable.

Broadway makes its call on Manhattan, too. take in a play or a matinee show and feel the pull of the stage lights as you are transported to a fantasy world. Legends, both in plays and in actors, are made here, too. if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch one in the making.

The food here is something to die for. No matter what kind of food you like, you’ll find it here and you’ll find only the best. Whether you go to Little Italy or take a walk through Chinatown, you’ll find first-class restaurants that offer the best or the quirkiest services. The diverse cultures present in the roll-call of restaurants quickly allow the visitor to see the veritable melting pot that is New York City.

All that makes New York a rich city to visit. It’s not only rich in millionaires, but in culture and moments to remember.

New York – The Wonderful Town
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