New Words About SarchiNational Park

New Words About SarchiNational Park
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If you don’t want to visit anymore national park then you should pay attention to this article for Sarchi. This is a small town 30 kilometers northwest of Alajuela city. What makes this little town so famous is the oxcarts there.

Yosemite National Park

It is something like a tradition in Sarchi and this is why people are making oxcarts for monuments. They are all different in color, shape, size. If you like to visit this amazing area then you will probably need to know the road directions. It is not hard to visit it, all you have to do is to take a short trip northwest from the capital – San Jose through the Central valley. The whole driving process will take you no more than an hour. If you drive by yourself don’t forget to stop while traveling because there are a lot of beautiful places that are worth seeing while going to your final destination – Sarchi. Pay attention while driving because the roads are narrow and sometimes accidents happen.

Other interesting things you can see in the town are the wooden furniture, souvenir stores, different types of decorated bowls all of which are to some extent connected to Costa Rica’s rich traditions and culture.

That’s not all – if you want to visit some real interesting place, then you have to visit the unusual church painted in blue and pink. It was built in 1950, it is two-towered and it is on a hill.

If you want to find some place where you can relax and visit some interesting places, then Sarchi is the best you can go. So don’t waste your time, search any additional information about this area on the internet and enjoy your stay there!

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