Nevada: Must See Places Plus Southern California

Nevada: Must See Places Plus Southern California
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Nevada is not just home of the famous Vegas Strip. It is also home of different fabulous places and cultural heritage. Here is the list of the must see places in Nevada.


  • National Automobile Museum in Reno.
  • Carson City with its mining heritage and full of history.
  • Las Vegas
    • Insanity ride
    • The famous “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas “ sign
    • Fremont Street experience
    • Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park
    • Atomic Testing Museum
    • Osceola
    • Exhibits
    • Elko County

Fun Filled Weekend At Southern California

If you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime in southern California, there are many great activities one can do with your family. Some of these activities include a trip to theme parks in Carlsbad and Anaheim. Here are some tips in what you can do while staying in southern California.

  • Legoland
  • Sea life Aquarium
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • Adventure city

Summer is the busiest time of the year to visit. Expect big crowds and long lines. If you want to visit during off season, some of these theme parks offer great discounts and different coupons for everybody.

Importance Of Travel Insurance

It is important to equip yourself and prepare for possibilities. Traveling could be costly, the airplane tickets up to the resort you are staying for a couple of days. But traveling from one country to another is quite different especially in USA. Health care coverage of USA is quite costly and expensive. That is why many travel agencies are helping visitors by offering travel insurance before flying to other countries.

There are many kinds of travel insurance and different coverage as well. You can have coverage from your luggage, health and your possessions. It is important to consider having a travel insurance to protect not only you but also your family.

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