Nation’s Capital – Washington

While Washington, DC will always be known as the city where the White House is, there is definitely much more to it than that. As the seat of government, it is also home to many historical monuments that give the city a grandeur that is surprisingly lacking in other cities of this great country. With the memories of the past forever kept in stone and the promises of the future in the air, this is a city like no other.

Nation’s Capital – Washington

Aside from memorials, there are museums and arts and culture to be seen and experienced. Washington, DC is a place to see and be seen during your travels in the USA.

While anyone can of course visit, there are special considerations for senior citizens and the handicapped. It’s budget-friendly as well, since the government memorial sites are free.

While the White House would definitely be on anyone’s list, you could also take a trip to the U.S Capitol. If you arrange it ahead of time with your local representative, you could avail of seats in the gallery which would let you observe the normal day in the life of a Congressman. Although, the building is just as impressive at night with all the lights blazing.

All presidents are represented here, from the current one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. The presidential monument that should not be missed, though, is the Lincoln Memorial. While the building itself is full of the symbolism that represents what happened during Lincoln’s term, more people are riveted to the gigantic statue of the great man himself.

One other site that should never be missed is the Smithsonian. Long known as one of the biggest and most extensive museums in the world, there is not a single part of history that is not found here. While there are sixteen different museums to choose from and each has a charm of its own. There is no way that you can finish all these in one day, so put a lot of thought into your choice.

No matter what you decide to see in Washington, DC you will surely be captivated and overwhelmed by the majesty of this special city.

Nation’s Capital – Washington
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