My Travel Fantasy

The Rabot Estate: Saint Lucia’s oldest cocoa estate.

My Travel Fantasy

When I was in Boston last month I continued my travel tradition of seeking out the best local chocolate shops. Wherever I go in the world, I like to see what the locals are doing with my favorite food.

One new place I found was the Hotel Chocolat, which is not a hotel, but a shop – a wonderful store filled with gorgeous, tasty, quality chocolate goodies.

Once I got home I wanted to learn more about this place so I went to their website, and there I learned that there will be a real Hotel Chocolat opening at the end of the year in the West Indies.

The Hotel Chocolat offers spa services and other fancy activities, but it’s on a cocoa plantation, so you can also “Stroll the paths under the dappled light of the cocoa groves. Take part in the cocoa harvest. Let the sun-warmed beans on the drying trays trickle through your fingers. Take a guided Fruit Tasting Safari – as well as cocoa, the estate is home to guava, mango, banana, papaya, soursop, breadfruit and many more.”

Now, at $500 a night up, this is not a place I’m likely to visit anytime soon. It is, however, going at the top of my travel wish list. I think everyone should have a list of places they want to go and can realistically visit (Barcelona, Vegas, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), and then some places that might be less realistic.

Now, I could save up and spend two nights at this place, and it would be lovely, but as someone who has done a lot of budget travel I know that for the price of two nights in the lap of chocolate luxury, I could do two weeks in New Zealand, or a month in some parts of Asia. And the way my travel priorities are now, I’d rather travel longer than travel in style.

So I won’t be making a reservation just yet, but someday this kind of travel may be more within my reach, and I want to have my list ready (and my bags packed) for when that day comes.

Where would you go if money didn’t matter?

My Travel Fantasy
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