Monuments & Trade in Porto

Because it is an ancient city of Portugal, it has a number of ancient monuments of great interest for the visitor. During the centuries of its existence and development great trade links are established between surrounding countries and towns.

Monuments & Trade in Porto

Torre dos ClErigos Rua dos ClErigos

The monument dating back to middle of Eighteenth century a superb creation designed by Nicolau Nasoni. Nicolau.Nasoni was an architect originally from Italy, who had established his mastery of Art in Porto City and north of Portugal, before taking up designing of Torre dos ClErigos. By acceding to his request, he is buried in a small chapel here.

Front view of the church depicts the charming baroque finish at its contours domes and spires inviting for a closer look to observe the intricacies of the art work.

The interior design has a one piece nave made of granite and marble and decorated with baroque carvings reflecting the marvelous skill of the architect. The main chapel, has amazing polychromatic altarpiece a star attraction created by Manuel Porto.

The astounding feature of the monument is the unique construction of the tower made from granite rising up at the western part of the church 75 meters height.

The beginning of the tower has highly decorative designs portraying rhythmic stages in progression and at the top of tower is a spherical clock house. It is the Landmark of Porto city.

In side there is staircase providing easy climbing to the top and see the panoramic view of the Porto city from the top.

Torre, Capela ou Ermida de Sao Miguel-O-Anjo Rua do Passeio Alegre :

It is a Monument of sixteenth century constructed on a rocky island present in the river. It is declared as a monument of public interest and location has Special Conservation Area. Internally the building is of octagonal shape in such a way that three niches are facing the river.

The chapel has traditional cupola having a spiral stairs for climbing it. The Tower was constructed to provide light and warn the boats navigating in the river and arriving at port. This is the uniqueness of Portugal. As on today it is a dry land.

Porto’s Commercial Center

Most of Porto’s commercialized activities take place for the local residents at the shops satisfying their curiosities, the international buyers are rare to visit these shops. Quite recently, there is growth of clusters of shopping malls. Among them the latest are as per details given below:

  1. Centro Comercial Peninsular, Praзa do Bom Sucesso.
  2. These are situated in pedestrian zone of the Porto city’s central shopping location, rua de Santa Catarina, situated at the corner of rua Fernandes Tomar. The interior decoration of the mall shops are having the touch of décor found in the villages of North Portugal. Designer Clothes from France, Italy and Spain are stocked in these shopping malls.

Mercado dos Passaros, rua de Madeira:

It is a trading centre housing Open-air markets in addition to the malls. One can purchase birds kept in cage,

Mercado das Flores, Praзa de Liberdade:

Deals in Plants grown in pots meant for indoor and out door decoration of the homes and commercial places.

Numismatics Fair, Praзa Dom Joгo I: Has amazing collections of Coins and coins and medallions.

Flea markets

These are situated at Praзa de Batalha.

Mercado de Bolгo

It is known for stocking great variety of local fruits, vegetables, and meats. There are numerous dealers selling variety of food items, decorative flowers, spices, and kitchen appliances having an open air setup occupying huge area marked into blocks for easy approach.

Goldsmiths & Silversmiths

Porto is very proud to have Gold & Silver Designer Shopping Area at rua das flores. These exclusive shops stock finely crafted artworks in Gold and silver as jewelry and gift items for their elite customers.

Pedro A. Baptista

It is a marvellous jewelry shop and has in it’s collection of antique and new fashion jewelry and many decorative items. The enterprise buys rare and beautiful antique jewelry, which is exhibited after doing little bit of redoing a job on it if necessary.

The articles displayed are has very intricate art on objects like filigree pins, brooches, bracelets etc. made of pure 19.2 carat gold or silver pieces gold plated for economy customers. The shop also stocks exquisite art silverware collection like highly decorative tea service ware.

Monuments & Trade in Porto
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    breathtaking, I love Portugal so much. Keep coming back

  • 26 January 2017 at 18:04

    Porto wasn’t the birthplace of Portugal GUIMARAES is. It was in Guimaraes, that the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques was born and founded Portugal in the year of 1147.


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