Malta Must-tries and Must Dos

Planning a trip to Malta are you? Then you must already have ideas on what you want to do and what you want to see. But if so far all you have planned is what to do in the sand, then you might be missing out on a great deal of things.

Malta Must-tries and Must Dos

Surely you do not want to spend your holiday rolling around in gorgeous beaches and dipping into the azure waters of the Mediterranean. So here are some things you might consider doing on your holiday. They won’t be a hassle to plan as there are companies willing to arrange everything for you. So let us see what there is to do shall we?

First up is a tour by Captain Morgan Cruises. These guys are a major tour operator in the Maltese archipelago and offer a great variety of boat trips. They have a tour of Grand Harbour which is very popular among the tourists. They also offer an all day cruise along the islands of Malta and Comino that includes a buffet lunch. Don’t worry about paying for lunch; it is included in the admission fee. They also offer trips to the Blue Lagoon which can be found in Camino. There is a sunset cruise that has a buffet dinner or you can rent a catamaran from them for a full day of sailing along the waters. They have boats with glass bottoms which is great for those who cannot swim or those who are travelling with children. For the price that you pay this tour operator, they will pick you up and bring you back to your hotel.

For those with more money, why not rent a helicopter to get a better view of the islands. The helicopters depart Malta international airport and you have the option of a 20-minute or a 30-minute trip. This is not cheap though but certainly worth the money.

These two are just a couple of things that you can do to enjoy your vacation in Malta. You don’t get to go on holiday everyday so you might as well enjoy what time you have and make the most of your trip.

Malta Must-tries and Must Dos
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