London Calling

London is a destination that has built itself to carry the reputation of being classy and fashionable. The capital city of England offers many sights and sounds to satisfy the travel bug in you. Tourists can experience the class and style in the air soon after stepping into London.

London Calling

London is a perfect blend of the tradition, history and modernity. This is what makes the city a quintessential metropolis in the world. Anyone who has been to London can vouch for the fact that London is distinctly the world’s most emblematic cities. The proud owner of the Big Ben, London also has attractive double-decker buses, the Tube and the Queen herself!

What is more, London is home to the Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and Westminster Abbey and more. These are some of the sights that a tourist to London should never miss. Impressive sights are the Changing of Guard at the Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards Parade. These colourful royal processions can enthrall visitors, allowing them to soak in the atmosphere of the English tradition. If you travel to London in August and September, the Buckingham Palace itself is open for visitors to see. You will enjoy the sights of the clocktower and Houses of Parliament. Other sights include the London Bridge, Princess Diana’s memorial and the gorgeous Madame Tussauds. Of course, you should also not miss the London Eye, London’s finest observatory wheel. London is home to a variety of shopping locations and is good enough to rival any other shopping city in the world. With the wide range of goods available, it is understandable if you end up feeling overwhelmed. Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street are some of the places you can go to for your shopping needs.

Unarguably, summer is the best time to visit London. During this time, the weather is stable and it is also the time of festivities. If you want to avoid the huge crowds, you could visit at the end of the year but will need to be prepared to deal with the capricious climate.

London Calling
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