Location independent

We’re 60-somethings who have been location independent for more than six years. Several years ago, we sold everything in Minnesota and moved to the Garden Island of Kauai in the State of Hawaii. After a fateful trip to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, we decided we’d prefer to travel full-time. To date, we have visited more than 35 countries. Visit blog: passingthru.com

Location independent

You have an unlimited travel budget for 24 hours. Give me your itinerary.
Hop a plane to Moscow and board the Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle Luxury Train to Vladivostok.

You have won the lottery. Tell me where you want to live.
We rather enjoy not living anywhere, so we’d continue to travel. The difference would be a lot more comfort and luxury.

Your favorite travel resource on the web?
We’re big fans of Google Flights and Rome2Rio, which help us get from one place to the next.

What is the superpower you most want?
Time travel! I’d like to discover the reason for all the feelings of deja vu!

What’s fuels your passion for travel?
Fear of regret. On what was to be his deathbed, my father advised me not to defer things I wanted to do. I’ve tried to honor his wisdom.

Why do you write?
I’ve got so much to say and, contrary to popular belief, I don’t like talking all the time. Just most of the time!

Do your family and friends support your traveling escapades?
It has been interesting. When we first began living location independently, a lot of people mischaracterized us as “retired.” We’re not and we probably won’t ever be for a variety of reasons. Others predicted we would be back to a more conventional lifestyle in a short period of time. We realized that the majority of the naysayers were committed to misunderstanding what we were all about, and that some people are better loved from a distance. That said, we consciously nurture relationships with like-minded and supportive people. The result has been less drama and a lot more happiness.

What is the title of the movie about your life?
Better Late than Never!

What’s on your bucket list?
I don’t really have one, other than the vaguest ideas of what we might want to do next. Unless you count “Everything” as an item. The upshot is that when I find myself in a heavenly place – like Mostar or Vietnam for example, I think, “Oh, how wonderful it is to be here.”

Can you imagine life without travel?
Oh, certainly. I lived it for many of my adult years. If we are physically unable to continue, we’ll have to be realistic.

If you were not travelling what would you be doing instead?
Good question. Bouncing grandchildren yet to come on my knee?

If you could be transported to one place at one time, what would it be and why?
Budapest, during the Belle Epoch at the turn of the 20th century. The intellectual enlightenment and cafe society would have been fascinating.

Single thing you miss most from high school?
Can’t really think of much, other than being a lot slimmer. Gasoline for 25 cents per gallon, maybe (?)

Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers?
Don’t wait until you think you’re ready. Go now. Everything and everyone will still be there when you return (if ever).

Your single most treasured personal possession.
We’re nomads so we travel light, and possessions are pretty expendable or replaceable. I treasure people far more than things. Perhaps my engagement and wedding rings.

Language you’d most like to be fluent in?
French, it just sounds so lovely even when the subject matter isn’t!

Funniest person you have ever met or seen in person
Comedian Ron White. The most hilarious storyteller on the planet.

Can you tell us about your next adventure
We’re headed to the Santa Ynez Valley, north of Santa Barbara, California for several months during which we will hopefully drink lots of wine. I lived close to the region in the 1980s and it’s going to be fun to return!

Location independent
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