Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

Leave Your Heart in San Francisco
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What’s to do in San Francisco? Well, without a proper itinerary, you probably wouldn’t know where to start! It all boils down to: What would you like to do?

Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

From the sights and sounds of nature to the scores of architectural wonders, you won’t want to miss a cultural adventure either. Let’s take this one adventure at a time on this stopover of your travel in the USA.

There are quite a few beaches in San Francisco, all famous for being kid friendly, surfer friendly, nudist friendly, bird friendly, or even fisherman friendly! But what locals would love to keep a secret is the no-very-popular China Beach, which is actually a tiny beach below the neighborhood of Seacliff and is best for people that enjoy ocean swimming.

From the beaches, it’s not a great stretch to visit the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge and take a look at the giant cable cross-section so you can understand better how this marvel of construction stays up. Take a snack under one of the many cafes under the bridge and just watch the city go by.

Near this landmark is another, the Golden Gate Park. Garden enthusiasts from around the world pay homage to this little place and take in the famous Japanese Tea Gardens as well as the San Francisco Botanical Garden and many others.

A trip to San Francisco is not complete without taking a cable car ride even just once. In order to experience the forty-two hills that make up this picturesque city, you need to leave the hard work to the numerous cable cars that still ply the streets.

You’ll want to take a picture of Lombard Street, long known as the world’s crookedest but actually not – the distinction belongs to another San Francisco street, Hyde, just a block below. Thankfully the cable car passes here and it’s a quick and breathtaking walk down.

End your visit with a walk through Chinatown, or rather what westerners though Chinese buildings were supposed to be. While this is a definite tourist trap, it’s well worth the pictures and the souvenirs!

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