It’s a Big Ol’ Party in New Orleans

Everything you normally do has to stop when you step into New Orleans. It demands a suspension of everything that is usual, so you can enjoy a town that is definitely not so. So, no diets, no “I don’t drink,” and definitely no “I don’t dance.” Because you’ll be doing all this and more by the time you’re done with this enchanting city during your travels in the USA.

It’s a Big Ol’ Party in New Orleans

Your first stop must be the French Quarter, where you will see the legacy of the first French and Spanish settlers of this city. And see it you will – it’s evident in the wrought iron balconies that decorate the buildings, the tall shutters that keep out the heat and let in whatever air it can catch, the magnolias planted everywhere, and the scent of food wafting in the air. Enjoy a stroll down Jackson Square and have the mouth-watering beignets with its customary cup of cafe au lait.

It’s a Big Ol’ Party in New Orleans

Shopping is now in order at the French Market where you can get hot sauce (what else?) to take home. If this isn’t enough, there is more shopping to be had elsewhere. Antiques and galleries line the street and you’ll be sure to find something you like.

When night falls, music starts playing in earnest and it’s long been a wager on who could take one beer in each of the bars that dot the French Quarter. So far, none have won the bet. But the music is what keeps people coming and in each place, you’ll find a band as good as the other, which makes your feet start moving… you’re dancing!

When the day comes around again, take a St Charles Streetcar and take a 90-minute ride around the city. You’ll come across the business and the garden districts and numerous mansions with their own flair. It’s a great tour for a dollar, nothing extra for the tap dance the driver does as he changes seats to go back to the start.

The Garden District may not have the charm of the French Quarter but it’s the place the first Yankee settlers built their own camp and later built up houses in the English and American style. A must see are the gardens the district is named for, great plots of land with lush and fragrant plantings.

And no matter what you do, don’t miss the ferry ride down the Mississippi River. It’s best taken at dusk, where your return trip greets you with all the lights of New Orleans. “Ole Miss” still has her charms.

It’s a Big Ol’ Party in New Orleans
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