Island Hikes Destination

Islands consist of the beautiful sand at the beach with eyes just focused on the breathtaking waves. But hikers are looking for more experience than just the beach and the waves. Island hikers can transform the casual walk at the beach and turn them into stunning views of the coast from a unique perspective. There are many island hikes destinations here in USA but here are some of them for you to try.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This has the most rugged hot spots with an 8 mile hike. You can start your island hike with an overlooking view of the ocean then head downhill and hike the landscape to a small and remote beach with coconuts all over the place. You can stay overnight and pack water and food and ask for a permit from the Kilauea Visitor Center. Never forget to equip yourself with a headlamp for there will be a close encounter with volcanic fogs on your way there.

Moran State Park, Washington

Moran State Park consists of a 5,252 acre park for camping with freshwater lakes and 30 miles for hiking trails. You can visit the Mt Constitution which is the highest point of San Juan Islands. You can see different stone observation tower that was built on 1936. This tower has magnificent and breathtaking sights of the surrounding islands. Bear in mind that the entire summit doesn’t have any potable water and hikers should plan ahead.

Angel Island State Park, California

Angel Island State Park consists of a 740 acre. To get here, you need to ride a commercial ferry. Try your hiking skills in these rocky shorelines with slopes and forested areas as well. If you opt for more challenge, you can climb the 788 foot Mt Livermore and will only take you for a couple of hours.

Rock Island State Park, Wisconsin

Go to the northernmost are of Door Country where you can catch a ferry to Rock Island. The 900 acre island consists of access to ten mile trek with rocky shorelines and sand dunes. You can opt to hike the 5.2 mile Thordarson Loop Trail that will take you for over three hours of your time. If this is your first time trekking then you might want to use the shorter one mile trail. You can even see and take a look of the 1836 lighthouse that was home to fishermen and Native Americans.

Island Hikes Destination
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