Hotels in Orcha

Orcha & its Hotels

Orcha has great splendor depicted by the presence temples and palaces built by the Bundela Rajput rulers of Orcha to give the testimony of their beliefs, likings and tastes for architecture to the generations to come. Since the place is full ancient history kept alive, it has great prominence among the tourists visiting Orcha from destinations all over the world. The number of tourist visiting has increased tremendously over the past years.

Hotels in Orcha

A number of Good Hotels have come up at Orcha to accommodate the increasing of tourists to the town and have the true local décor of furnishings in the rooms providing great satisfactions living in these hotels and they recommend them to their friends, who plan to come to Orcha to view the rich grandeur of the town.

Category of Hotels

The Hotels at Orcha are classified as Heritage Hotels providing excellent Indian hospitality amidst the ancient settings of the building they are housed in. One can feel the past glory and traditions by the paintings adoring the hotel rooms and rare artifacts displayed in the hotel.

First Class Hotels take care of the extravagance the foreign tourist accustomed to and their hotel service has an International Hotel touch.

Budget hotels provide all the basic amenities and are very popular among locals and low budget travelers, who have the objective of visiting many places with in the budget.

One thing, which is very common in all the Orcha Hotels, is that their location is very strategically suiting the tourist to visit all the temples and palaces of interest without having to cover long distances, which happens in other towns they visit.

Looking after Comforts of Tourists

Hotels of Orcha ensure that their guests enjoy their stay and become their ambassadors in recommending the hotel they stayed in to their friends planning to visit Orcha.

The tourists on a low budget also find a smiling welcome service at the hotels they live in because the hotels have been looking to the foreign tourists and the hotel staff ensures that their guest is comfortable and satisfied because their business depends on guest satisfaction.

All the Hotels have their in house restaurant and provide best prepared variety oriental dishes, snacks and some of popular international food items with good service.

When planning a trip to Orcha, there is no need to be worried about, where to stay and what to eat.

Orcha Hotels

Amar Mahal Orchha

Amar Mahal is a Super Heritage Hotel located in Orchha. There is Rich Evidence of Royal Bundelkhandi Style Architecture. It provides the rare feeling of getting close to rich cultural history of the brave Bundel warriors. Royal Hospitality and matching comfort offer a wonderful Great Holiday style Value putting a sweet mark down the memory lane.

Majestic Rooms at Amar Mahal, Orchha

Amar Mahal Orcha has more than Forty Superb Guest Rooms are Spacious having contemporary furnishings and Interior Decorations and Rare artifacts, stylish furniture which give the rooms the a sense of Royal Touch and lot of Comforts by providing all the modern amenities, which satisfies completely the needs of an international tourist.

Dining at Amar Mahal, Orchha

Orchha’s Amar Mahal restaurant offers multi cuisine consisting of Indian, Continental and Chinese food. The Guest has a very rich gastronomical experience trying a number of dishes during his stay at Orcha.

There is a Café in the hotel, which allows the guest to enjoy coffee and read famous novels and best literature publishing available satisfying varied tastes and choices of the guests.

A abundantly stocked bar offers one chance to have taste of Grand Oriental and Foreign Liquors munching freshly baked Peanuts, cashews and pistachos.

Business at Amar Mahal, Orchha

It is a nice setting for hosting Conferences and business meetings away form the madding crowd in a large conference room cum Banquet Hall.

The hotel has options to provide the Group tourists recreational facilities and entertainment.


There are services of Car Parking, Currency Exchange, Medical assistance, Car rental and Travel desk.

Hotel Savoy

Accomodation 34 Rooms

Just near Old World of Charms, there is a contemporary facility of Hotel Orchha Resort, which has the distinction of a true first class hotel in Orchha. It has been created incorporating the ancient village theme true to Orcha style architecture. The Guest rooms have all the modern amenities.

Kaleva Restaurant – It is in-house restaurant of the hotel. The guests can fulfill their urge to have experience of tasting delicacies satisfying their taste buds. There are vegetarian, Continental, Chinese and local delicacies with rich aroma of oriental spices for a very satisfying smell and taste experience.

Bar – Hotel Orchha Resort has great variety of choicest oriental and foreign drinks.

Bundelkhand Riverside Hotel Orchha

Accommodation Capacity 29 Rooms.

It is one of great options suiting persons who visit Orchha and do not want to put strain on their budget. It has plenty of comfort providing and memorable stay, which is very economically priced. It is situated very near River Betwa and offer genuine scenic view of river flowing with calm and provides excellent living experience.

The Guest Rooms are nicely furnished having categories of Deluxe Room and Standard Room. It is in reality a Home away from home with natural settings.

Sheesh Mahal Hotel Orchha

Accomodation Capacity 8 Rooms.

It has been created to provide genuine comfortable living to travelers offering moderate rates and all the facilities looking to their comfort and needs. True to its name it has plenty of mirrors used in its decoration. Externally it has blue glasses.

Besides Maharaja and Maharani Suite, there are double rooms, twin sharing rooms and single rooms, meeting the actual needs of guest.

Dining at Sheesh Mahal Hotel, Orchha

The Guests have wonderful experience to have economically priced highly delicious dishes served in the restaurant of the hotel.

Hotels in Orcha
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