Great Attraction for Adventuring Tourist

Kulu is great attraction for adventuring tourist having quest for trekking and hiking in all over the valley. River Beas stretches are used to do white-water rafting activity.

Great Attraction for Adventuring Tourist

Travel Information

By Air: Bhuntar Airport is just 10 km away from Kullu and is well linked with Delhi having daily flight service.

Train: The nearest railway station is at Jogindernagar 95 km away.

Road: The bus station is situated near banks of river Sarvari. Kullu is well connected by bus service with all the towns of northern India.

Taxi stand: It is at a short distance from National Highway. Taxi service is available for all major and surrounding towns.

Kulu Valley

It has great variety of its charms, is situated on both sides of River Beas. In the olden times it was called Kulanthpitha the name given had the literal meaning that this is the end of human habitation. Beyond rose the grand Himmalayan Ranges heights are very intriguing sharp and upright making it very difficult to climb. Kullu valley was in accessible till the British Rule made it accessible with the rest of country.

Kulu Valley starts from North of Beas River and has a running length of 80 kilometers having a width of 2 kilometers and is fondly nick named as Silver Valley.

Kulu Town

It has great popularity due to famous temples located here and pilgrims from distant places come over here to pay their pilgrimage to holy shrines. To pay for his sins during 17th Century Raja Jagat Singh installed the idol of Raghunath ji, brought by him from Ayodhya, on his throne and it took the status of presiding deity of the valley.

Kullu is located 1200 meters above sea level and is in the middle of Himachal Pradesh. At this place both Beas and Sarvari rivers merge in each other. It is situated at a distance of around 250 kilo meters from Shimla.

Weather of Kulu

The summers are mild from the months of April and June and winters are cold from November to February. There is rainy season during the months of July to September.

Places to Visit at Kulu

Kulu has a number of famous Temples, which are thronged by the visitors coming from all over the country for their reverence fort them.

Raghunath Temple

The temple dates back to 1660, built by Raja Jagat Singh as a penance of his wrong doings while he ruled and brought from Ayodhya the Idol of Lord Ram and installed it in the temple.

Jagannathi Devi Temple

It is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from Kulu in village Bekhli. To reach there one has to climb the height, which may take one and half hour. From this height one can look at the panoramic view of Kulu.

The Bijli Mahadev Temple

The Bijli Mahadev Temple is situated at a height of 2460 meters. The temple at many occasions is struck by the lightening an amazing natural phenomenon.

KULLU – Excursion Spots

The Basheshwar Mahadev Temple

The Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is situated at Bajura a place 15 kilometers away from Kullu and has exquisite carvings, making it popular for a visit.

Manikaran 45 km has its popularity because of presence of hot water sulphur springs. The place is situated at an altitude of 1737 meters surrounded by Parvati River valley. The hot springs has lot of popularity due to healing powers of sulphur in the water.

This place finds lot of pilgrimage of Hindus and the Sikhs from world over.

Kaisdhar 15 kilometers and Kasol 42 kilometers from Kulu are important picnic spots the latter being amidst pine forest.

Shoja 69 kilometers away from Kulu and is situated at altitude of 2692 meters. It provides from its great height a panoramic view of Kullu valley all around.

Raisan 13 kilometers from Kulu located on the banks of river Beas, and is a good location for trekking.

Great Attraction for Adventuring Tourist
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