Go a Mile-High to Denver

Go a Mile-High to Denver
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Otherwise known as the Mile-High City because of its elevation, this beautiful city was born because of the gold rush to Colorado. However, there is more to this city than those elusive nuggets somewhere “up in them thar hills.”

Go a Mile-High to Denver

This is the place where you can see the Old West alive and well during your travels in the USA. The most famous Colorado resident of all, Buffalo Bill Cody has his museum and grave in the city. Old West buffs would do well to pay homage in this museum dedicated to one of the more famous personages of the West. A visit to his grave in Lookout Mountain Park rewards pilgrims with a breathtaking view of the Great Plains and the Rockies. There are also treats of glimpses of various wildlife and the namesake buffalo all around.

Go a Mile-High to Denver

If you can’t get enough of the Old West, then take a visit to the Flying W Ranch and spend some time doing some “cowboy” things like taking part in chuck wagon suppers and BBQs, horseback rides, even square dancing once a week! This working dude ranch offers you trail rides, hay rides, and a guide to bring you camping overnight following the forest trails.

Another industry that made Colorado what it is is the railroad. And the people of Denver have recognized that with the putting up of the Colorado Railroad Museum, one that is just over fifty years old and catalogs all the changes that the railroad has wrought on Denver and Colorado itself. The railroad era and the dangerously steep mountain rails are forever preserved in this unique repository.

And to show the rails are alive and well, the final stop has to be the Tiny Town Railroad. A favorite of grown-ups and kids alike, this 1/6 representation of a real railway is big enough for kids (and some daring adults) to take a ride on. Created in 1915, it’s located on a former stagecoach stop and has always been a favorite with both tourists and locals alike.

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